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In recent years, digital publishing has developed rapidly, providing sufficient resources for the electronic reading market. In particular, the PDF format ebook, because it can faithfully reproduce the original manuscript of each character, color and image, which makes the business area of product descriptions, corporate announcements, planning programs, have adopted a PDF file. But to complete the PDF document, you must have professional reading equipment, and high-definition tablet with WPS Mobile version, not only perfect reading PDF, but also bring a very comfortable reading experience.

One, PDF content display at a glance

If you are a business person, you will not be unfamiliar with the PDF document, such as product information, presentations, print proofs, publications, such as samples, almost all in PDF format, but to the reading device 100% perfect display PDF documents, to obtain accurate results, must have a matching professional-level reading software, And the WPS Mobile version is such a reading tool.

For business people, they often read materials in different environments, trains, airplanes, waiting rooms, airports and even subways, which require not only professional reading equipment, but also more professional reading software, and WPS Mobile version not only supports Txt/word/wps/pdf, including dozens of kinds of electronic document reading, But also in the PDF reading of the excellent performance.

In the mobile internet era, high-definition tablet is becoming more and more popular, these devices have excellent display capabilities, with powerful, excellent performance of the WPS mobile version, used to read PDF data is the most suitable. The results show that the content display can adapt to the resolution and screen size, which will bring us a more satisfying reading experience after opening PDF document with WPS Mobile version.

In the actual experience, the WPS Mobile version makes PDF reading easier and easier, for example, when reading in Full-screen mode, the WPS Mobile version ensures the integrity of the PDF content and is visible at a glance. There is no downside to other reading software in the display. While reading operation, just touch the interface can be manipulated, intuitive and fast, easy to get started, enjoy the fun of reading anytime, anywhere!

Second, the PDF document reading more humane

To bring the reading experience to its fullest, the WPS mobile version is optimized for PDF reading, such as faster PDF loading, smoother page transitions, finer fonts, more comfortable reading, and when you read a PDF document with the WPS Mobile version, you can enlarge or shrink the page by making gestures on the screen. The paging operation will also show the number of pages, very user-friendly.

It is precisely because the content of the PDF document display size can be arbitrarily adjusted, content can be edited, WPS Mobile version for this auxiliary reading has brought convenience. For example, the WPS Mobile version is added to the PDF bookmark positioning function, so in reading a longer PDF material or PDF publication, convenient next time to read the previous unread content, this undoubtedly restores the paper book reading feeling.

From the reading experience, running the WPS Mobile version of the PDF on the HD Flat panel, whether in the display precision, speed or control experience, WPS Mobile version brings us a perfect reading experience. The WPS Mobile version of the unique "zoom" mode, not only can adjust the page size, but also choose "suitable content" or "fit page" to read.

It is worth mentioning that the WPS mobile version supports the viewing and editing of local and online storage documents, when we first save the PDF document to "cloud storage", no matter where, and whenever, as long as the tablet can surf the Internet, you can read the "cloud storage" PDF document online reading, not only to make PDF reading easier , but also save valuable storage space.

Third, the Tablet user PDF reading Companion

Although the PDF document display accuracy is outstanding, but it also has the higher request to the performance, wants to ensure the smooth running PDF book, the reading software must also keep pace with the times in the speed performance. And according to our actual experience, the latest WPS mobile version optimized PDF document opening speed, and in the speed of a significant increase in business travel is a necessary reading companion.

For reading enthusiasts, the use of pdf-made electronic books with a paper book texture and reading effect, you can "realistically" show the original book, and High-definition Tablet with WPS Mobile version, it is the effect played to the extreme. From the reading experience, with the WPS Mobile version open PDF document, almost can restore the paper material texture and reading effect.

Digital reading is already a mainstream reading habit, no matter where we are in the world, as long as there is a high-definition flat plate, with excellent WPS mobile version of software, can anytime and anywhere to read PDF professional documents, trapped in the crowded subway, just flick the thumb to complete the paging operation; lying on the bed, Can save the hands of a heavy paper book in the Open state of trouble; When traveling, open the WPS Mobile version on the tablet, realize the PDF professional document anytime and anywhere to read.

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