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After the Spring Festival 7 days holiday, must connect 8 days class. Netizens have "spit trough", how to take leave to spell false, someone spell out 14 days long vacation, this can start vacation travel. Can take leave also cannot delay the work, the business person must first time processing business document. At this point in the plate of WPS Mobile version began to come in handy, it can meet the OA mobile office needs.

Read the Office documents at any time.

The test found that the WPS Mobile version is compatible with the reading of dozens of of documents including Txt/word/excel/ppt/pdf, and the document is loaded very quickly when it is opened, and the page switch is also very fluent when the document is read. In conjunction with the 3G or WiFi features of a tablet computer, you can send and receive business emails online to meet office office needs during the Spring Festival holiday.

During the Spring Festival holiday travel, hand holding lightweight tablet, open WPS Mobile version, finger on the flat screen point several times, can use WPS Mobile version of reading E-books, travel reading newspaper is very convenient, travel reading do not delay. After receiving the business mail, can also through the WPS Mobile version Real-time view and edit, and finally through the mail document attachment sent out, more relaxed office.

Spring Festival holiday travel to light, WPS Mobile version and tablet powerful combination, help us easy to enjoy the reading of paper books feel. In the actual measurement, whether it is word or PDF books, WPS Mobile version of a good reading experience, the Spring Festival holiday Life brings a happy office.

Through the actual experience, it is felt that the WPS mobile version makes the holiday office life more convenient, especially the latest version has joined the Wi-Fi direct sharing playback function, As long as you have an Android 4.0 tablet in your travels, you can read the PPT presentation document directly through the WPS mobile version of wireless sharing, without WiFi and no wiring, and business document reading is easy to implement on the WPS mobile version.

Second, at any time to process online documents

Through experience discovery, the WPS Mobile version is ideal for vacation travel, which supports viewing and editing of local and online storage documents. Business people on holiday travel, can through the WPS Mobile version of the document upload cloud space, the Spring Festival holiday travel to use, only through the WPS Mobile version can be online to view and edit Office documents, so that vacation travel is also not wrong office.

As a powerful mobile office software, WPS Mobile version of the significance of vacation travel office is worth affirming. With the actual experience, the latest version also adds font settings for Office documents, as well as Excel table chart inserts and edits the function, this for the business person in the mobile office to bring the convenience, whether is the edition plan or the production form data, only then the WPS Mobile version Interface touch can control realizes, the intuitive quick, Easy to get started and enjoy office fun anytime!

Overall comments: Spring Festival holiday travel or go out to visit New year, unavoidable handling some office matters, but must have an excellent Office tool. and the tablet computer with WPS Mobile version, can bring more humanized office experience, so in the Spring Festival holiday travel or New year, through WPS Mobile version can be anywhere, anytime processing Office documents, let the Spring Festival holiday office relaxed and happy.

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