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Unconsciously, 2012 from our side quietly away. Christmas and New Year's Day hand in arm, at 2012 this special "two-egg" holiday, we have any reason not to take a vacation? In the mobile internet age, we don't have to worry about going on a vacation for a wide variety of business tasks. Because of the smart phone, tablets and other mobile internet terminals, with WPS Mobile version of Office software, anytime, anywhere to view, processing Word/excel/ppt/pdf Office documents, even if Christmas, New Year's Day travel can easily office.

Easy to work on the way to travel

New Year's Day 3 days long holiday, there are a lot of internal lieu for 5-7 days long vacation, such a lieu donkey friend is very satisfied, but do not forget the customer or 3 days leave, how on the road of travel still fast processing customer feedback? Now that you have a flat +wps mobile version, you can easily edit your local or online Office documents, The realization of the travel office two not mistaken.

For the office workers, the usual documents to be processed is the Word document, Excel form, PPT presentation document. In the experience found that the WPS Mobile version of Office documents compatible with the PC desktop Office software, it not only supports word/excel/ppt/wps, such as more than 20 kinds of format documents, but also online directly edited and stored.

In the Christmas and New Year's Day travel, the business white-collar must keep online at any time. Today, many tablets have built-in wifi/3g dual-network function, so you can accept colleagues or customers to send the e-mail, and open the WPS Mobile version of real-time editing. After editing, the WPS Mobile version also allows the document to be sent as an attachment via email to ensure that the other person receives the first time.

To ease the pressure of work, take advantage of Christmas New Year's Day travel, is also the most beautiful thing in winter. There is a flat on the road, eliminating the trouble of carrying a laptop, and with the WPS Mobile version of Office software, most of the work on the computer can be completed on the tablet, even on the train, aircraft, can also open WPS Mobile version, at any time to deal with some urgent matters.

Free time to read

Christmas, New Year's Day is the annual tourism small peak, travel more people, travel always have a variety of leisure time, such as airport terminals, high-speed rail time, as well as travel back to hotels, restaurants rest time. This time is more boring, in order to enrich the travel life, you might as well take out your flat, run WPS Mobile version of Office software, open the existence of local or "cloud storage" in the information, reading electronic books, look at colleagues or customers sent to the contract or product solutions, very comfortable.

From the actual experience, a flat plate with the WPS mobile version, the resulting mobile office experience is really good. Because the tablet is equipped with a capacitive touch screen, the WPS mobile version is exactly the perfect support for touch operations. So in the travel of a free time, open the document on the tablet, whether it is a long word book or a beautiful PDF magazine, or cool PPT presentation documents, just touch the screen can be manipulated, intuitive and quick, easy to get started, enjoy the fun of reading anytime, anywhere!

Make full use of trivial time

In a trip like Christmas and New Year's Day, the most worrying thing about travel safety is that a lot of trivial time is unavoidable, such as waiting in line to get on the bus or before eating. Taking advantage of these trivial times will bring more happiness to your travel life, such as opening the WPS Mobile software on a tablet, appreciating the presence of local PDF comics, and reading online "cloud storage" e-books. Of course, if you have an urgent task, you can also edit the Office document directly through the WPS mobile version.

In addition to carrying a lightweight tablet, choose a good office software, will make your mobile office with less effort. And in the actual experience found that the WPS mobile version not only support a variety of format documents to view and edit, but also according to the flat screen adaptive resolution, so that the document content display more intuitive, more complete. And for the convenience of travel anywhere "online" office, WPS Mobile version is integrated with a powerful mail function, allowing you to easily edit and send attachments in the travel.

Editorial comments: Friends who have plans often choose to travel on Christmas and New Year's Day, while traveling cannot forget office. You may wish to install the WPS Mobile version in the tablet so that you are on your way home, either on the way to the trip. With the WPS mobile version, you can timely examination and approval of official documents, reading materials, dealing with personal affairs, and even modify the contract on the plane, will not be used before the effective use of time, so that you enjoy the fun of mobile office Travel!

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