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Work, study, a lot of exams, often encounter rating problems. Especially in recent years, people are increasingly aware of the problem of examination results are private. The grading of the test scores into grades is a form of implementation by many schools. Actually very simple, WPS mobile version of the table function can easily complete this matter. This article describes how to use the IF function to divide the score into a,b,c,d four grades.

First of all, in the WPS Mobile version of the nested if function to achieve the score grade conversion, you must set the conditions to use the IF function. Suppose that A, B, C, d four grades correspond to four fractional segments, that is, 60 points (including) below the D level, 60~70 (including) is C-class, 70~90 is divided into B, 90 points (inclusive) above is a class. Total is divided into 100 points.

Open the form file you want to convert in the WPS mobile version. Here only 15 students of the results as a demonstration, in the actual work, you can according to the requirements of the WPS Mobile version of their own expansion of use.

Double click on the C3 cell, click "T" in the upper left corner of the virtual keyboard, and click on the "F (X)" button on the built-in input method keyboard of the WPS mobile version to select the "IF" function in the list of commonly used functions.

Back to WPS Mobile Moderator interface, the formula bar displays "=if ()" and then, according to the rank corresponding to the score, enters the complete conditional judgment formula in parentheses, namely "=if (b3<=60," D ", if (b3<=70," C ", if (b3<90," B "), "A")) ", confirm and press ENTER, you can see Guo Yan 89 points belong to B class.

After the C3 cell level is obtained, the full level is obtained using the Fill function. The method is to find the Fill function in the menu bar, select the "Drag Fill" way, simple and convenient.

Overall comments: This example explains the use of the IF function again. And by "pairing" the scores and grades of the students, we also analyze how the IF function is nested in the WPS mobile version. With these experiences, students in similar situations will be able to do more with less.

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