WPS Office 2013 Grab fresh version of what new features?

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Let's take a look at WPS 2013 What's new with the new features?

The first time you open the WPS2013 will eject the introduction

Let's take a look at the new highlights of WPS2013 's official introduction.

Currently WPS2013 has formally supported the Linux platform, the function is also basically perfect, and the iOS platform on the WPS function is still weak. Overall, WPS2013 has basically completed support for both the mobile and PC versions of the platform.

Multi-platform Support

WPS2013 New Components--light office, can let you and colleagues in a circle together to change the document program, this feature is described in detail, here simply skip.

WPS2013 Light Office

In the rise of WPS2012, WPS has three bright spots, one is the perfect compatibility of Microsoft Office documents, the second is genuine free, three is the operating habits of the complete simulation of Microsoft Office. Because of these three bright spots, in various crackdown on piracy under the national conditions, the major companies office computers have been changed to meet the needs of ordinary office WPS2012 ... And WPS2013 is sure to continue to carry on the three bright spots continue to flourish.

Free and easy to use, Wpsoffice features

The Wps2013android version supports opening Office documents directly from the cloud without having to move Office documents, etc., to your phone in advance of data lines. and Wps2013ios version is still only use to see PPT, the function needs to be further strengthened.

Features of the WPS mobile version

Wpsoffice has several very useful features that Microsoft Office does not have, namely, rice husk online templates, online footage and file safes (file safes are equivalent to online backup of documents, while Microsoft Office2013 is also adding similar functions for online storage of documents). Rice husk son online template has become an integral part of WPS, regardless of the Open text (word), table (Excel) or demo (PPT), WPS2013 automatically load this rice husk online template.

The above is a simple introduction to play WPS2013 some of the characteristics and changes, next we will be important part of the details of the changes to launch the introduction!

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