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With the 25 development process WPS, finally at the end of this month to launch the latest version of WPS 2013. This new version of WPS 2013 start the exposure of the interface is to let the product is full of anticipation, from the start interface feeling look, the new version of WPS UI design more concise, atmosphere, expect products to bring more surprises. From the new version of WPS 2013 exposed features, a number of aspects have done optimization upgrades. So before the launch of the product, the Zol software channel and everyone to launch the first test of this product.

The main reason for the rapid growth of WPS in the PC side is to benefit from the country's legitimate strategy, while the growth on the mobile side is mainly user-initiated. At the end of this year, the WPS free version of active users this month is expected to exceed 100 million. Zhangqingyuan said, as more and more governments and enterprises began to use WPS, the current major financial, collaborative enterprise software, also has increased support for WPS function.

New product Strategy

In the national software to promote the genuine, Jinshan WPS in the government agencies in the share of more than 56.2% last year. Government and large enterprises after the procurement deployment of WPS, more importantly after the corresponding services and training, so that WPS can truly serve the enterprise and government. The free WPS for Jinshan brought a reputation, but Jinshan office software in the free mode is also facing the pressure of profit. Zhangqingyuan said, for each platform free version of WPS, the current Jinshan also pay, value-added services and other aspects to make some attempts.

Flattened more close to Win8

Since the release of the Windows 8 operating system, a lot of software gradually began to fit the Win8 interface, toward the "flat" direction of development. After a new interactive design and interface optimization, WPS Office starts with the 2013 version and will be user-oriented with a new interface style. The new interface uses a new WIN8 flat design style, and redraw the function icon, making the interface look more comfortable, making processing documents a pleasure.

WPS Text Edit Home

WPS Presentation Design Home

WPS table Design First screen

This interface update also brings a new document format icon, consistent with the overall fine style. The new icon continues the three component colors that WPS Office has been using all the time, at a glance in the folder.

WPS 20,134 main Hue section

Comment on: Flat style indeed for now users, will make people's eyes bright. However, as more and more software has been piling into this style or adopting this style, it will inevitably make people feel overly dependent on Windows 8.

But this, on the new WPS 2013, is based on innovative UI design. The former refers to Jinshan although the UI interface using a flat design style, but in the main color of the color, still adhering to the continuation of the three main colors, this is precisely the WPS UI design flat style is based on the original design on the basis of innovation.

Multi-Mobile version takes advantage of the full

A new version of WPS 2013 is an important concept of the platform, the current WPS in the PC, Android, IOS, Linux, MAC, webOS and other systems can be run, later WPS will continue to develop on multiple platforms. One of the Linux version of the launch let Jinshan in the open source community by the user's praise. Here, we mainly discuss the features of the new WPS 2013 on Android, iOS, and Linux's three main platforms.

WPS Office for Android/ios edition

WPS Android version

As Jinshan office in the mobile platform released the first product, after nearly two years of development, the Android version of WPS Office has become Android mobile phones, tablets and other mobile users of the preferred Office software. The Android version of WPS more focused on product innovation, through with Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel and other leading manufacturers of technical cooperation, combined with mobile device sensor application features, will bring users more exclusive features, better meet the needs of mobile office users. May, the Android version of WPS Office will be scheduled three updates, in addition to significantly improve the document open and scrolling efficiency, will also bring a number of new features, including the presentation of document notes features perfect and PDF sidebar thumbnail features.

Support Speaker View mode: iOS version upgrade

The iOS version of WPS Office has been released in less than three months, with several upgrades, each bringing significant progress. May 9, iOS version WPS Office 1.1.3 has been on the Apple's official market store shelves, open user downloads. The new version will increase support for SkyDrive and will further refine the playback of presentation documents, such as adding speaker views and laser pen capabilities. More new features, download to personally experience it.

Linux version wps

WPS Office for Linux

With WPS Office 2013 released, Jinshan will also launch the Linux version of WPS Office ALPHA10, continuing the original cross-platform, permanent free, in-depth platform integration and other advantages. The new version of the Linux interface and the overall style is the same as WPS Office 2013, simple, comfortable, giving people a new visual enjoyment. For the first time, bilingual switching in Chinese and English enables more Linux users around the world to feel the new Office experience of WPS Office.

WPS Office is the introduction of the Kingsoft Office software, running on the Windows/android/ios/linux platform of the full function of Office software. Supports viewing, creating, and editing a wide range of common Office documents, and more support for working with multiple people to work with documents through light office functions. On a variety of equipment to achieve Office applications, to meet the needs of users anytime and anywhere office.

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