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1. Setting of paper

In general: The standard test papers are eight open horizontal, divided into two columns. The specific actions you set in WPS Office are as follows: Click the File menu, select Page Setup, and open the Page Setup dialog box.

(1) Click on the "Paper Type" tab, in the "Paper Size" list, select "8 Open 26x36.8 cm", while the "paper direction" from "Portrait" to "landscape."

(2) Click on the "Paper Margin" tab, will be the top and bottom of the page margins are set to: 15, 15, 40, 15, the left large reason is because the left to add a student information area.

(3) Click on the "Layout" tab, the "column number" set to "2", "column spacing" set to "10mm" (can increase the capacity of the examination paper), and the "column line" set to "empty line", so that scaled more beautiful.

2. Production of candidate Information area

The information area of a standard examination paper generally includes: School, class, name, study number and so on, these contents must put on the left side of the examination paper, and want vertical row. However, the paper header graphic is not available in the symbol library in WPS Office 2003 (it is recommended that you add this feature in its later versions), so you need to make use of the Graphics toolbar for the following methods:

First, on the Graphics toolbar (without the toolbar, select Graphics to add by clicking the view → toolbar command), select the multiline text icon, drag the mouse over the page, and draw a dotted rectangular box. Then, in the dotted box, enter the school, class, name, study number, such as text information, enter a dotted line, and then enter the "Seal line", and then return to draw a solid line. Finally, when adjusting the size of the rectangle box, select all the objects in the rectangle, right-click, select Object Properties in the pop-up menu, open the Multiline Text dialog box, switch to the position size option, and enter "90" in the "Rotate" box. This allows you to rotate the selected object 90 degrees counterclockwise. In other words, the contents of the Examinee information area are changed from horizontal to vertical, and the left side of the quiz paper is moved at the same time.

3. Add the page number

The paper is divided into the left and right two columns, the general requirements of each column should be shown "XX Subject paper XX page (total xx page)", but if the use of "Insert → page number" way, can not achieve this effect. My approach is to: using the single line text tool on the Graphics toolbar, drag out a dotted rectangular box and enter it in its rectangular box: "XX subject paper XX page (total xx page)", adjust the font, font size, drag and drop to the bottom of page 1th. The page number of the other page is copied and then the page number is changed.

4. Practice of the paper title

First draw a login box, enter the relevant text content in the login box after the corresponding formatting, and then enter the title of the paper, the paper title for the corresponding formatting, and then adjust the position can be.

5. The making of the marking frame

On the left side of each big question, generally require to provide a mark box, including scoring two items, directly using the "Table → insert Table" on it, and then copy on demand.

Thus, through the above five steps, a standard test paper frame is built. When you have a question, just type each test in turn. Finally, we can save the standard test paper frame as a template, which is convenient to use at any time.

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