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At the time of graduation, the biggest school in the lake-martial arts college graduates will start to work on the paper. Every year, the thesis must be a teacher and students wits, the reign of war, will inevitably attract countless heroes to bow. Class notes are the most important "references" for writing papers, however, like Joe, the Thorn head of martial arts college, skipping classes are already commonplace, not to mention the classroom notes this thing he has not even seen the things, now immediately face the deadline for graduation thesis, but he said calmly: "Note God horse is a cloud, The teacher's PPT courseware all copy back is kingly. ”

Such opportunistic behavior by Guo Jing, virtual bamboo This kind of honors students, but Joe's best friend make Fox Chong, Kudus but loudly applauded, straight Kua Joe Clever, gave up looking for the top students to take notes to copy the idea, waiting for him to PPT courseware from the teacher where copy back. Hearing this, Mr. Murong, the college's excellent teacher, began to think about how to teach these boys how to make such a wild student.

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Sure enough, the next day Joe to find Mu Jong teacher to ppt courseware, mu Jong teacher very readily to the PPT courseware to him. But then Mu Jong teacher announced that this graduation thesis must use the DOC format. Joe and a few friends began to disagree, the results returned to the bedroom but found that want to convert the PPT format into DOC format is not an easy thing, to the major forum to ask you big God and technology otaku, the result is tragic end.

By the speed of the school's network of less than 1M, spent Dickens finally downloaded a lot of conversion tools, but after installation found that either a paid version, or in the use of Trial version, the format converted to half of the time to tell him the trial time passed, and then stop the conversion, this Nima pit Dad! Huge, NET sea boundless but can't find a free, easy to use PPT format to DOC format software! Looking at the Joe eyebrows are fast tangled twist, the desperation of the season Fox Chong, Kudus sit not live, "eldest brother, again so delayed we will really not finish the industry, to beg Mu Jong teacher it, he is knowledgeable must have a way!".

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The next day, Mu Jong Teacher's office appeared Joe figure, "Joe classmate, you are not from Kang Congming extremely?" You also have to be in the PPT format to the doc format stumped? In Joe hard phase, mu Jong teacher began to tell him the solution, also just give him a lesson ...

Murong Forte Small class:

"The PPT format is the file format that our teacher saves after using the Power Point or WPS demo to make a slide, and the doc format is the file format that we use Word or WPS text to save after the word processing is finished." As a rule, there are two ways to extract data from a PowerPoint file one is to manually "copy" the text of each slide, then "paste" it into a Word document or WPS text, and the other is to format it with a special conversion tool, but most of the tools are charged, Even if there is a trial can not be a long time, a large number of free conversion.

Believe that both methods you have tried, but are not practical. If the problem in the former teacher I have no way, but now have WPS Office 2012, you can do it! Now let the teacher tell you the specific steps: the right mouse click on the left side of the screen "slide" page, and then in the pop-up page select the "Switch to WPS text Document" option, Left click will have a dialog box pop-up, you can choose the slide content you want to convert to Doc document page format, and finally click OK, so you can be saved under the address to find the converted Doc file, a second to Doc, it is so simple!

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After listening to Jong told him the method, Joe instant petrochemical, Inside Cow face said: "Pale no find place, get all not time-consuming, or WPS!". Looking at Joe classmate, Murong Fu as a teacher, the success of teaching and educating suddenly spontaneously!

Divergent thinking

In this dialog box "Convert to WPS text Document" There is an option to "Select Slides", there are a wealth of features for you to choose from, when the PPT information you need, you can convert all to Doc file, when you need only a few PPT information, you can also choose to convert a number of the specified amount. There are also "after the conversion layout" option, more convenient for you to add notes to the information.

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This method not only can be used in writing graduation thesis, even if the class, when you need to provide information to the client to write a copy of the same useful. Because the customer in the product promotion, needs the form of slides to play to the user to watch, so the promotional material is usually ppt such a presentation, so the customer to your data will of course be PPT format. But you make the copy must be DOC format, so more convenient to print out to the leadership, colleagues discussion, now with WPS, you can quickly and conveniently turn the customer information into a doc format, save the time to write a copy, improve efficiency.

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Most of the time we think of PowerPoint as the abbreviation for Power Point, but sometimes it has other meanings. For example, in the eyes of game enthusiasts, it is online game "bubble Hall" abbreviation, and in the eyes of scientists, it is a concentration unit of measure. So the students of Wulin College, must distinguish the situation at that time, otherwise will fool.

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