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Copyright-protected documents are generally distributed to other people's documents, the individual retained documents do not need to be restricted protection. Therefore, generally in their own retained, the original unencrypted documents on the basis of "shelling" out of an encrypted document provided to others.

Small tip:

After you edit a document or open an existing document, save the current document (or use the F12 function key directly) from the Save As command under the File menu (Figure 1). In the lower-right corner of the file Save As dialog box, there is an encryption button (Figure 2), which you can click to enter the Document Security Settings window. In the Security Settings window, you can set open permissions on the document by entering the same password two times under open permissions. Not only can we set open permissions, but also set up editing permissions for the open document, simply enter the same edit permission password two times in the Password box under Edit permissions, and confirm it (Figure 3).

Access to the document encryption channel is not just the "Save as" dialog box, but also through the WPS main Menu "Options" to enter. The password to open and modify permissions for the document are set separately and function separately. If you set the document to open the password and modify the password, then when the file is opened, the first request to open the password, and then enter the password to modify the permissions, if not modify the password, then only can still use the document, just can't modify it. At this point, simply click on the "Read Only" button to enter read-only mode, you can read the contents of the document as usual (Figure 4).

In addition, if you deselect the "Mark visible on Open or save" check box under the privacy option of the encrypted window, there may be some revision marks or annotation information in the distributed document, but the information is not first seen by the reader, but they exist, and if you select this option, The comments or revision information is displayed, which can reveal the privacy of the document's edits or modifications. Therefore, generally do not remove the choice of this option.

In the Security Settings window, click the Advanced button to enter the Encryption Type Selection window, which allows you to set different levels of encryption protection for your document by choosing a different encryption type. You can also determine the ease of encryption and decryption by setting different key lengths (Figure 5).

This is the case where the entire document content is encrypted. If you only need to make changes to some of the content in your document, just select the paragraph you want to restrict, and then through the review → edit button, enter the Edit Restriction Settings window, select Restrict formatting to selected styles, select Document protection, select restricted members, and then click "Start Protection" button to set the protection password (Figure 6).

Small tip:

The WPS file Save As feature saves the file as a WPS text format. WPS, Word earlier version format. DOC, Word new format. DOCX, also can be saved as WPS text or Word template file. The encryption capabilities of the above documents are limited to the several file formats described above. Because the WPS document also has the ability to save as TXT, HTML, RTF, and so on, none of these documents can save the encryption restriction information, so the encryption protection measures are not valid for these three formats.

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