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In a variety of competitions, it is often possible to get rid of a maximum score and a minimum score to calculate the average points of the calculation method.

Figure 1 is the rating table for a Grand Prix.

Figure 1

In the "Final score" item, we can use the large function or the small function to calculate, as in J3, enter the following formula:

=average (LARGE (b3:i3,{2,3,4,5,6,7}))

That can get the right results.

Here, we introduce the internal mean function--trimmean et provides, making the formula simpler:

=trimmean (B3:I3,2/8)

Now let's take a look at the Trimmean function:

The function of the Trimmean function is to return the internal average of the dataset. function Trimmean First removes a percentage of data points from the head and tail of the array, and then averages them. You can use this function when you want to eliminate the calculation of part of the data in the analysis.

The format is: Trimmean (array, percent)

Where array is the array or range of data that needs to be filtered and averaged.

Percent is the ratio of the data points to be dropped when the calculation is calculated, for example, if "percent" = 0.2, in the set of 20 number points, remove 4 data dots (20x0.2), remove 2 from the head, and remove 2 from the tail.


If "percent" <0 or >1, the function Trimmean returns the error value #num!.

The function Trimmean the number of dropped data points down to the nearest multiple of 2. A "percent" =0.1,30 number of 10% equals 3 data points. The function Trimmean the data at the head and tail of the dataset symmetrically.

In the example above, to remove a maximum score and a minimum score from the 8 judges ' score, the "percentage" is expressed as "2/8", and of course, writing "0.25" or "1/4" is OK.

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