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Software is to be able to effectively solve the problem of actual problems as the main goal. Of course, we should also learn to improve ourselves in the overall expectation of software function, and use the existing function to solve all kinds of problems is the best way to improve. Here is a simple example to illustrate the use of subtotals in WPS tables.

1 Starting with the instance

I serve on a daily basis, and my friends have to pay for the lunch order. In order to pay the simple, the meal fee takes the week knot the way, every Friday I count out to everybody collects, a record daily orders the information form gradually presents in front of me.

It should be said that the form is clear, at least the basic information needs to be reflected in the above.

The spreadsheet is used to record it because I can see directly at the bottom of the data how much money I've advanced this week, by using functions in the final section, and most friends have been very skilled at this one-off function.

But this is still inconvenient, how much should I charge each person? The big feature of this form is that people are different every day, and I didn't arrange the form for everyone. Or, can the spreadsheet do me a favor and tell me the amount that everyone should give me.

This is really a problem for the novice user. And I believe many friends are staying at this level. If you ask him about this software, they often have the following answers:

(1) What else can a spreadsheet do besides this?

(2) There seems to be more functionality, but I won't.

(3) The function is much, I can't use it.

for (1), it is recommended to rethink the importance of computers in daily life, High-tech can send people to space, a spreadsheet only sum function that is better to use a calculator.

for (2), I would like to ask you, you do not intend to learn a recruit to improve efficiency?

for (3), I would like to ask, you really do not use it? Is that the problem?

2 Analysis problems

If you are not ignorant of the spreadsheet, you should think of the WPS table "subtotals" function, in fact, we encountered the problem is to classify the data according to a certain standard and then statistics. The WPS table has exclusive feature items that illustrate the universality of such tasks. Let's try it.

When we found "subtotals" in "data," we first ran into the dialog box.

Many friends start to shrink when they meet unfamiliar words, which are not really complicated. Software always wants to be very thoughtful, I want to count everyone's amount, that at least let the software know what you think, the so-called classification field is according to what classification, of course, is "name", the summary way, is "summary what", is obviously to a total, that can choose "sum", as to what sum, nature is "price".

Maybe a friend of my analysis is a little funny, but in fact, many people stop here, software thinking and your idea to keep consistent, is the most easy to understand, so please insist on.

But our initial attempt failed.

I even see a summary of a person, not a person under the name of the total, which is obviously not what I need. After my observation, you can see that the summary order appears to be from top to bottom. So I saw that when a person has several projects, the summary is done at the end of the name, which inspires us whether the same name should first be arranged together.

Obviously, this requires the sorting function of the data, which can help us achieve the above goal.

We come down first to give up the summary, the first completes the sorting, to "name" after sorting, there are problems.

3 Problem Solving

After the name rollup, some entries have no dates before, which is actually a flaw in my form, not fully aware of the difference between the software and the human mind. We can assume that before the start of the new time is a day, but the software will not be so, I should be in each of the entries on the date, so that everyone can know what the choice of food that day.

After constantly correcting, perfecting, thinking, and trying, a data summary form I am looking forward to is finally presented.

Not only each person's daily details are at a glance, there are separate summary and overall summary, with such a form, to everyone charges, who will have any questions?

And our harvest is at least:

1 software is not omnipotent, need people's Thinking to supplement

2 The classification summary should be sorted by data as the prerequisite.

The above show, I was a long time ago a real thinking process, I believe it will give a lot of hesitation friends some help, although the example is simple, the process is very important, you harvest is not only knowledge, but the joy of solving problems and the courage to challenge the deeper problems.

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