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Sometimes in the online need to fill out some personal information, fill in the process we will see some things drop-down list to choose. In the WPS form, we can also add the Drop-down list to improve the speed of input. The following small series for you to introduce the next Drop-down list set up method.

I. Scope of selection

With the WPS Office 2012 table Open, use the mouse box to select the range you want to fill in the data. As shown in the figure.

Select Range

Second, click the "Data" validity

First, find the Data tab in the toolbar of the WPS table, click on the "Effectivity" button, and open the Data Validation dialog box, as shown in the figure.

Data availability

III. selection Sequence

Next we set the validation criteria for the data, select the "Settings" tab in the dialog box, and in the tab, open the Drop-down menu under "Allow" and select the sequence.

Selection sequence

Iv. Source Settings

There are two ways to set the source of data validity. A category where we can enter data directly into a box, such as "male, female," to be aware that different categories should be separated by commas. Then click on the Confirmation button.

Source Settings

Another way, we first in the table to list the classification of data, click the "Source" box to the right button to the worksheet directly selected data category range, and then click the Next button back to the dialog box, click to confirm, then the Drop-down list is complete!

Data availability

Data availability

The above is the method for the WPS table setting Drop-down list. After the completion of the set, when you enter data, sometimes encounter such as men and women such as data input, you can quickly in the Drop-down list to select, do not need manual input, save a lot of valuable time.

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