WPS table Easy to complete the currency conversion of numbers

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Excel tables often deal with numbers, and in fact, Excel can be a great convenience for our work, but it needs to be explored in a step-by-step way.

Today, MO introduced to you how to use the WPS Mobile version to achieve the conversion between the number and currency. We can type a number to do the overall conversion, you can also set the cell, and directly type the currency number, come and learn with Mo!

If you get a table, you need to change the text number to a currency number, first you need to select the column number. and click cell Formatting in the toolbar, and then set the settings in the window: "category" is set to "currency" and set the number of digits after the decimal point, as well as the currency symbol, you can.

The method is also simple if you want to display a currency symbol while typing a number. The currency numbers are automatically generated when you first select the blank column and format the cell, and then type the number. Is it convenient? The figures in the table have all become renminbi currency, which looks too comfortable.

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