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WPS Table We sometimes need to enter some of the same content, if less is better to do, if more then there is no way to quickly know how much we entered the content of repetitive, how to quickly set the same format. What should we do if we use data duplicates that are often not what we want?

Find the same content quickly

This is relatively simple, just find a small tip, first select the range we need to find, for example, we are looking for b column, we have to select column B.

Then hold down the keyboard ctrl+f key combination, open the search options, such as we want to look for the word Zhao, we find the column input Zhao, and then click to find All.

After clicking to find all, you will jump down an option box below, at which point we can see a description at the bottom, and 8 cells are found. One click will automatically locate the cell.

Set the same format

Sometimes we want to make the table more beautiful, the same content we have to set the same format, so that the table more clear. For example, we want to make the same word format for column B. Let's choose column B first.

Choose the format after the start-conditional formatting, enter the conditional formatting page.

Enter the conditional formatting, such as we want to set Zhao as red font, the money is green font, this time we have to select the cell value---equals--and then enter Zhao, and then click Format Options.

After entering the formatting options, click the Font tab and set the font to bold, with a font size of 36th. Color is red, click OK.

Then click the Add button in the conditional format and repeat 3.4 steps. The only thing inferior is choosing a color when choosing another color.

This time if our cell is not enough to put down the font of number 36th, we will see this way, reset a cell format is good.

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