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In WPS, the feature in the Clipboard menu option is the Paste option and the format brush.

The Paste options include the following 5 items:

1. Formatted text: Paste content with the original format;

2. Match the current format: the pasted content grid is the same as the current use format;

3. Unformatted text: Paste into unformatted text (plain text content);

4. Paste selectively: Select the specific paste format;

5. Set Default paste: Set the default paste into the document format.

As shown in "Figure 1":

"Figure 1"

In which, click "Paste" will appear in the Select Paste Format dialog box, as shown in Figure 2:

"Figure 2"

Set Default Paste

Click to set the default Paste options, in the pop-up dialog box can be set up, you can also click the WPS left corner of the "WPS Text" menu button → "Options" → "edit" → "cut and paste Options" step open and then set.

As shown in "Figure 3":

"Figure 3"

  Format brushes

Format brush, as the name suggests, is used to copy the format of the function, it is used to copy the format of a common tool, it can select the object or text format copied, and apply it to the selected object or text.

Through the "format brush" can easily copy the text format, so that the same format does not have to repeat the setup operation, convenient and quick.

 Action method:

1. Select the text content of the format you want to copy;

2. Click on "Format Brush", the mouse is turned off in the format Brush activation status, displayed as a brush cursor;

3. Move the mouse cursor, select the text content that you want to paste the format, you can, as shown:

  Continuous format brushes

Under normal circumstances, the format of the brush is usually used once after the expiration, if you need to reproduce the format, you must then click the Format Brush button.

But sometimes need to use the content of the format brush is not continuous, if you want to use the words will be more than a few "format brush" button, and at this time, the function of continuous format brush to easily solve the problem.

  Specific actions:

1. Use the left mouse button, double-click the "Format Brush" button, you can activate the "continuous format brush";

2. After activating "continuous format brush", it can reuse the format brush function for discontinuous content;

3. After use, press the ESC key to cancel the continuous format brush function.

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