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When it comes to finding and replacing, you might feel very simple, but I saw a video on the internet, find and replace the function is too much, but we use is too little, there are many functions have not been found, today we take you to know.

Normal find substitution

What is common search replacement, which is the method we often use, click on the top right of the replacement or Ctrl+f key, this time we will go to the lookup page.

After entering the search page, click on the content we need to find, such as this text we want to find "in Kat", click to find the Yugis in this text appears in the place.

If we want to replace, click Ctrl+h or click on the Replacement tab in the lookup to enter the replacement page.

On the replacement page if we need to replace the "in Kat" with "Three kills in Kyrgyzstan" We only need to enter "in the search content" in the replacement for input: "Three Kill in Kyrgyzstan" click Replace or all replace the Yugis can replace the three countries killed in Kyrgyzstan.

Advanced Find Substitution

What is an advanced Find replacement? There's nothing to say. Or is the diagram more objective, hold down ctrl+f, enter the search option, this time we can see an option advanced, click to see what.

After clicking, we can see that there are many options, such as case-sensitive, whole word matching, wildcard characters, and full/half angle. We check the selection to be case-insensitive. Then search for a look.

We now enter an uppercase R and a lowercase r in the document, and then search for the R word in it, and if we tick case sensitivity, we can only find a lowercase r.

The substitution is also the same, if we tick case-sensitive, select Replace all replacement is lowercase r, and uppercase R will not be replaced, there are many functions. We need to find out.

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