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At work, we often open multiple documents to compare or edit at the same time, but the general document editing software can only be opened in one window by default, what should I do? In fact, we quickly open multiple documents for editing in the WPS text.

One, WPS multiple document label

This design should be familiar to everyone, now many browsers are using such a design, browser vendors to increase in traffic in the Web page, it is possible to open multiple pages at the same time, and such a label design, will not occupy a limited space for the taskbar, WPS Office 2012 also considerate users, Because of the document tag, you never have to find documents in the crowded taskbar.

Second, WPS document location to change

After you open multiple documents, maybe you need two or more documents are not not the same, back and forth of the switch is not to make you dizzy, then try to drag the label, you just want to move the tab down the left mouse button, and then you can drag to the position you want.

Three, quickly looking for labels

When you open more documents, it becomes a hassle to quickly find the document you need, and you can move the label around by the two triangle buttons to the right of the label. That quickly put the mouse on the tab bar, fast rolling pulley, the label also ran quickly.

Four, the WPS word in the fast batch operation

Open a number of documents to edit, want to save all how to do, want to close all how to do? Don't worry, just click the mouse on the label to see if there is a surprise, except to save and close all documents, you can also close all other documents except the current document.

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