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Underlining a specified character in WPS is a simple matter. Just select the appropriate character, and then click the Underline button on the Formatting toolbar or the small triangle to the right of the button to specify the underline style and its color in the pop-up list. We can also click on the menu command "format → font" and then specify the line style and color of the underline in the underline style and underline color Drop-down lists on the Font tab of the Open Font dialog box, as shown in Figure 1. Although this method is very simple, but we will find in the use of this method to add the underline and the distance between the text is very close, then there is no way to change this distance?

Direct Modification Method

First we can select the text that you want to underline, then right-click, click Font on the pop-up menu, and open the Font dialog box. Click the Character Spacing tab, select up in the Position Drop-down list, and then set the point value to 1 points.

Now, add a space before and after the underlined text. Select the two spaces and text, and then click the Underline button on the Formatting toolbar to add an underscore. Click the "Font" command and open the Font dialog box. Click on the Character Spacing tab, still set to up in the position Drop-down list, and then set the number of points to 3 or a larger number. You can see that the distance between the underline and the text has been enlarged when you are sure.

The problem now is the two spaces. We can choose a hollow lattice, and then set its font size to "1" On the Formatting toolbar, so that it's almost impossible to see the space.

The above method is simple to implement, but it is difficult to align the underlined text with the text before and after.

field code method

WPS can already support domain functionality, so we can use the Write field code to underline the specified character and specify the distance between the underline and the text. First press the "CTRL+F9" shortcut key to enter a space in the document (a pair of curly braces). Position the mouse in curly braces, and enter the field code "EQ O (document, SDO 7 (___))" below. Then click the right mouse button, in the pop-up shortcut menu click on the "switch field code" command, as shown in Figure 4, you can get the desired effect.

I'm sure you'll see. The meaning in the field code is to move "__" down 7 points and overlap The word "document". So, if you want to change the distance between the underline and the text, then change the number "7" to the other number. It should be noted that in addition to Chinese in the field code, all the rest of the code needs to be entered in the English half-width state.

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