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The use of WPS friend, must be in the WPS text of the material has a deep impression of it. The material is the document edits the good or bad overall embodiment, if in edits the article the time, the import a fine material, will produce the multiplier effect. And for the collection of materials, small compiled to teach you a few strokes.

First, fill in the content easy to access the online material

After you start WPS Office 2012, click the Material Library button in the upper-right corner of the main interface to open the WPS Material Library window. The material is divided into "online material" and "My Material", "online material" and there are many categories, such as graphics, buttons, symbols, icons, clip art, organization chart and so on. Click to see the appropriate material under it, the user simply click the Copy button to paste in the document, you can also directly drag the footage from the bottom pane to the document.

 Material Library

Second, save the material to build a cloud collection

WPS Material Library Support WPS account/fast Disk account login, as long as the "WPS Material Library" on the "Login" button, you can use WPS Account/fast disk account to login.

After that, you can drag and drop the material from the document directly into the WPS Material Library in WPS Office 2012, and the footage is automatically saved under my material → temporary files. At the same time, these materials will be automatically uploaded to the WPS Cloud collection, users even if the computer changed, login can be used at any time.

Third, arbitrary search material Library

In addition, because there is too much material in the material library, sometimes it may not be found. However, users can search for the appropriate material by entering keywords in the search box in the WPS Material Library window. This is relatively simple, but it is easy to ignore, so here a little mention, please do not forget this function.

Four, crawl Web content Rich material Library

Finally, the user can crawl the text or picture on the page and use it as the material in the material library. Just click the "Crawl Closed" button under "WPS Material Library" to make the Web crawl open. Then start IE browser, as long as the text is selected or stop the cursor in the picture, there will be a WPS Material Library button, click, select the "Save to WPS Material Library" command, you can save it to "my material" → "temporary files."

WPS text in the material from the collection to search the use of the process, are very clear on the above. An illustrated article, the need for good material to foil, and in the WPS Material Library is limited, we use more from the Internet to find, and then save the material library, so that the next use.

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