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We often edit the document on the WPS, in order to better read, often need to print, and WPS in the printing of a lot of functions, the following is a detailed description of the WPS text of the printing function of the way. I believe you will understand more and use it better.

In the top left corner, under the WPS Text menu, click Print to enter the print setting. Or you can click Print on the Standard toolbar.


You can also press the shortcut key "Ctrl + P" to quickly enter.

Let's go on to explain the details of those options in the Print Setup interface:

 1, control the print page number range

Select page number to print: In page range, choose All, print all pages, or select page to type a range of page numbers to print.

2, duplicate printing only need to set up copy printing

If you need to print multiple copies of a document, you can do this by setting the number of copies printed:

In the Copy box, type the number of copies you want to print.

To remove the next copy of the page as soon as it is printed on one page of the document, uncheck the Collate check box. If you set this check box, the next copy of the document will be printed after all pages of the document have been printed.

3, to adapt to the paper size, and play and zoom printing

Under and zoom, in the number of pages per page box, select the number of versions you want. For example, to print a four-page document on a single sheet of paper, click the 4 version option.

You can also select the type of paper you want to use for printing a document in the scale by paper box. For example, you can specify that B4 sized documents be printed on A4 paper by reducing the size of the font and graphics. This function is similar to the reduction/amplification function of the copier.

4, double-sided Printing

If your printer has duplex functionality: In the Print dialog box, click Properties, and then set the options you want. If you can set the page orientation and duplex options, select Landscape and flip over the short edge of the document.

If your printer does not support duplex printing, you can implement manual duplex printing by selecting the Manual duplex check box in the Print dialog box. When the WPS table finishes printing odd pages, you will be prompted to replace the paper to the back and click OK to complete the duplex printing.

The above is the WPS text in a detailed description of the printing function, including the paper size, single duplex printing, print page range, repeat printing, etc., made a detailed use of the instructions. If you are an office family, then printing common sense is not to be missed, the introduction of the above good temperature reason.

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