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Want to quickly bulk delete WPS blank page, the following small series for you to introduce several methods, learn oh, there must be a way for you, take a look at it.

WPs? how to delete page in wps? WPS text Remove blank page tutorial

The first method:

A. You can select a blank page or place the cursor on a blank page, and then press BACKSPACE to delete it.

The second method: (If the first method doesn't work)

First select the paragraph mark in the blank page, and click the menu command or right button:

Format → Paragraph to open the Paragraph dialog box. Click the Indent and Spacing tab, set line spacing to fixed value, and set the setting value to 1 points, and then click OK.

How does WPS Office delete a blank page?

Select the blank slide, choose from the small window on the left, and then the right mouse button to delete the slide or you find the delete on the keyboard, you can also delete.

Select the blank page and use the shortcut key Ctrl+backspace (←) to remove it.

The blank page is due to carriage return, so the return character can be removed. You can select a blank page, and then press the BACKSPACE bar on it. Or put the cursor at the end of a blank page, and then press the Abdication key, until the blank page is eliminated.

Put the mouse directly on the blank page point "backspace (Backspace)" key to delete it. Insert the text box, select and click the "Delete" button or right click on the mouse to cut, delete.

Problem Description:

At the end of the document there is a completely blank page (the previous page is a table), why can't you delete the blank page with delete and backspace?

It may be that the total length of the table or the total width is beyond one page, you can try to narrow the table a little bit.

Problem Description:

There are blank pages how to delete, in the printing time waste paper.

You can position the cursor at the end of the previous page of a blank page, press the ' delete ' key until you delete the blank page, or position the cursor at the bottom of the blank page, and press the ' Backspace ' key until you delete the blank page.

Problem Description:

How to delete  blank pages in WPS

Click on the section, the left side of the screen will have a section, the right side of the section will have a small triangle, click to appear delete this section. Delete the blank pages you don't need. Note that this needs to first separate out the blank pages. You can insert a section break up and down.

How do I delete a blank page in a Word document in WPS?

When formatting is cleared, press BACKSPACE

Two kinds of concepts:

One is a pure blank page, in the upper left corner of the blank page, press the BACKSPACE key, if the blank page has blank lines, you need to delete all blank lines.

The second is that the page has a few words, but it was forced to pagination, the next page to start again, such a blank is printed when the layout required, but in the editing or electronic reading, do not need to be in the two-page divider line, will automatically hide this part of the blank, so that the page only shows a word part, appears compact.

How do I delete a blank page after WPs's Chinese document?

Press Ctrl+end, the mouse to move to the end of the article, and then constantly press the "BACKSPACE bar is backspace", you can delete the blank page

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