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In addition to revising the article by way of review, there are often some special situations in daily work. When someone changes an article to you, perhaps the other party did not follow the Office software review and revise the way to deal with, but directly in the article made additions and deletions to modify the operation, so if not to see the original manuscript, the article changes what content, not completely see out. Encountered this situation, you can use the WPS Word software article "comparison" mode to find out the difference.

Through the "Review → compare" Outbound document comparison dialog box, specify the document before and after the revision, and then click on the "OK" button (Figure 6) to show a contrasting picture of the changes before and after the document is modified.

(Figure 6 compares the contents of two documents)

Small tip:

By comparing and processing large documents with complex structure, we can make full use of the various view modes provided by EmEditor according to the nature of the processing documents. For example: Large file controller, outline navigation, file contrast, window operation and other functions to improve operational efficiency.

Another difficulty in the revision of the article is that the style is not uniform. In reality, many people write articles related to the English terminology is not uniform, such as writing a Windows article, a moment to write the first-letter capital of Windows, in a moment it is all uppercase Windows, or a full lowercase windows, an article repeated, random appearance , manual modification is more troublesome. At this time, the use of bulk conversion selection operation, the efficiency will be greatly improved. Copy the article to EmEditor, select the paragraph that contains the English term you want to convert, and use the right menu command "Convert selection → capitalize" to a one-time uniform specification of English terms (Figure 7).

(Figure 7 Right-click menu command to complete a one-time conversion)

In addition, you can customize the first letter capitalization (or all uppercase, all lowercase) of the "macro" button, encountered spelling in English terminology, click on the button, irregular words can be standardized immediately. How to: Start Recording macros by "macro → start macro" Select any word (such as winDows), choose Convert from the EmEditor right-click menu, select Perform a transform (such as "Capitalize first letter"), and then stop the recording with the macro → stop macro command to name the macro "capitalize first letter." Finally, open the Macro toolbar, the "First letter" button appears on the toolbar, convenient to use later.

Small tip:

Although the above terminology specification can also be replaced with ctrl+h, it takes at least two times to complete, the first time to replace all windows with Windows, and the second time to replace Windows with Windows. In addition, if there is an irregular situation like "winDows" in the middle capitalization, there will be a missing word. With the above one-time all-selected conversion, or using the Macro command button for automatic processing, there will be no leakage of the situation, so faster and more accurate.

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