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I. Inserting special symbols

When editing a document, we often want to add some special symbols to the text, but most of the time we don't know how to enter these special symbols.

In the WPS text, all kinds of fonts have different, interesting symbols, such as: ♠♡♣♤♥♧♨♩♪♬♭; see such symbols, is not

You think it's funny?

So how do we enter these symbols in the WPS text?

In the WPS text, we can insert any symbol of any font and various special symbols through the "symbol" function button.

In the menu bar, insert → symbol → other symbol to open the Symbol dialog box; (Steps like Figure 1, Figure 2)

Figure 1 Opening the Symbol dialog box

"Figure 2"

As shown in Figure 2, we can change the font to find different special symbols, drag the right Drop-down slider to see the current font more special symbols, select a symbol, click "Insert" can be;

As shown in Figure 3, this is the font for symbols such as ♠♡♣♤♥♧♨♩♪♬♭

"Figure 3Adobe Gothic Std B font special symbol"

  Second, fast conversion of numeric types

Quick-Convert numeric types are easier and faster than inserting special symbols

In document editing, enter the number 1, 2, 3 ... These are very easy things to do, however, to enter like ①, II, III, IV ... These numbers are a bit of a hassle. Also, if you use the caret to

, it is no doubt a waste of a lot of time, which will lead to the efficiency of processing documents greatly reduced. The use of "fast-changing digital types" is undoubtedly simpler and more efficient.

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