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when the maths teacher makes the examination paper, often needs to insert the subtraction and so on in the examination paper symbol, the plus sign and the minus sign may use the keyboard direct input, but multiplication and division are not convenient to enter, that how can enter multiplication and division ?

  One, fast insertion

You can see the x÷ number with the "Insert-Symbol" menu, select "XXFarEastFont-latin-1" and you can insert it into your document by clicking Insert or double-clicking it.

  Ii. Improving efficiency

If you insert the multiplication and division every time, after all, too much trouble, WPS provides us with a "Symbol Bar" toolbar, the default is not to open the toolbar, click the View/toolbar, check the box in front of the symbol bar. In this way, the symbol Bar tool appears, with some of our commonly used symbols, including "+-x÷" and so on. This toolbar also makes it easy to enter these operator symbols.

But by clicking on the toolbar to enter the symbol, the speed is always very slow, how to improve the input speed? We can improve the input speed by customizing the shortcut keys. As shown in Figure 2, select the symbol for which you want to customize the shortcut key, and then position the mouse in the shortcut text box on the right, assign the shortcut key by pressing the keyboard, and then click Specify Shortcut button, so the shortcut key is set. Here you should note that the custom shortcut keys do not conflict with the system shortcut keys, otherwise invalid, and the setting of shortcut keys to facilitate memory, so as to improve efficiency.

  Third, the replacement method

When entering a symbol, we can enter "+-*/" directly with the keyboard and replace it with a standard mathematical operation symbol. The specific actions are as follows:

First, insert a symbol, such as "X", and then cut the symbol to the Clipboard. Click on "Edit--replace", in the Find content with the keyboard input "*", in the replacement of the paste just cut "x", click Replace All, so that all the document "*" number is replaced for the standard multiplication, Other symbols are also replaced by the above steps.

In addition to the above methods, you can also use the soft keyboard or Input method to enter these symbols, as to which method better people can choose their own.

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