WPS word production of rare words, new words

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Let's make a "臸" (zhi):

Specific steps to operate:

1. Select the multiline Text tool on the Drawing toolbar (Figure 1)

2, and then drag a "Multiline text box" in the document, where you enter the word "to". Select this text box, right-click the mouse, bring up the right menu and choose Format Object (Figure 2)

3. Set transparency to 100% in the colors and Lines tab, and line color to wireless stripe (Figure 3)

4, in the Text Box tab in the "Internal margin" is set to "0", the following options except the first item all set to unchecked (Figure 4), OK exit.

5. Right-click the text to set the font, and in the Character Spacing tab, set the zoom item to 200% (Figure 5)

6, determine the exit. Copy this multiline text box so that the two parts of the 臸 (zhi) are ready. With the mouse to adjust the two text box to the appropriate location, under the selection menu, use the Select Object tool and select (ctrl) Two text boxes, right-click, and perform a combination-group in the right-click menu (Figure 6), which completes the merging of characters.

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