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Often when a company completes a document, we all need to print a seal on it. This is a bit of trouble, in fact, we can make an electronic seal, and then the imprint on the document, directly printed out with the official seal, this is not very convenient! Before we talked about using Word to make the official seal of the method, today we talk about in the WPS Word how to make the official seal!

The outline of making the official seal in WPS text

Select the ellipse on the Drawing toolbar, press Shift to drag a circle in the document, set to no fill, line width 1.5 points, color red, and stacking order to bottom.

Make the official seal around the text

Insert WordArt in the document, select the first column of the second line WordArt style, set the font, font size, and then OK when you enter the content. Sets the WordArt fill and line colors to red, set WordArt shape to thin bend arc, drag the text round with the 8 drag buttons around the WordArt, and place it in a circle that you've already drawn, and you can use the CTRL key and the arrow keys to help you move to the exact location.

Add Pentagram Graphics

In the "AutoShapes → more AutoShapes → stars and Flags" Select the pentagram, and then in the document to draw a suitable size for the pentagram, and set to red, move to the appropriate position in the circle, and set the "Shadow Style" for "shadow Style 17." Then select the Circle, WordArt, pentagram, click the right mouse button, select "Combination", a seal on the production, to copy a to the target, is not very formal Ah!

Make Special Seal method

Some official seals have special uses, such as financial special, personnel dedicated, and then the official seal of the above made for personnel special chapter. Insert a horizontal text box, fill in the text "Personnel special chapter", the text center display, red. Sets the text box to "Wireless bar color." Finally put just the official seal and text box combination. A special use of the official seal was produced.

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The use of WPS text to make electronic seal can be used in general documents, but if it is formal wording, the requirements of the official seal has security features, others can not imitation, at this time, we can use other software to produce the electronic seal can be anti-counterfeiting.

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