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Pinyin input method needs to know the pronunciation of Chinese characters to output, Wubi Input method is also so, need to understand the Chinese character split. If you encounter a not pronunciation, and split complex words how to enter it? For example, "昗" the word, do not know the pronunciation, the use of Wubi input is also almost impossible.

Operation Steps

1, for example, to enter "昗", we are now in the WPS text Input day, select Chinese characters, click the menu bar-insert-symbol.

Figure 1

2, the lower from the selection of the Simplified Chinese GB2312 (hexadecimal).

Figure 2

3, at this time will be quickly positioned to the Japanese word.

Figure 3

4, again from the selection of Unicode (hexadecimal), drag the scroll bar, find the "昗" Word can, click on the insertion can be entered in the WPS text.

Figure 4

Although it seems that the above steps only a few words, but the actual operation is not necessarily very simple, so, or a lot of practice, a lot of practice, only through their own brain and hand of the combination, can really grasp the essence of knowledge.

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