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How do you solve this problem when you print and preview a file in WPS2000 and the first line of text on each page is partially covered (or whole)? After groping found that this is due to improper setting of the top margin of the paper, the solution is very simple, just in the page setup, the top margin of the paper can be set ≥22mm. So why can't the top margin of the paper be less than 22mm?

To view the properties of the ar3200+ printer (Figure 1), we can see that its printable area on the paper is: 22.02mm, down 12.7mm (view is: Click "My Computer/Printer/ar3200+", click "Paper" in the Ar3200+ printer's Properties window)  Unable to print area "). WPS2000 installation, the default blank template's paper on the bottom margin is 20mm (WPS2000 provides a variety of template paper top margin set to 20 or 15mm), press this setting to print files, the upper part of each page about 2mm of the area can not print, this is the WPS2000 printing, The real reason for previewing the exception.

Under WPS2000 window, click "Tools/Integrated Settings/display", choose to display "nonprinting area", then a gray area appears in the WPS2000 edit area, the text in this area, the chart will not be displayed. When you do this, you don't have to preview or print to find out if the text, the chart is out of print, to make it easier to compose.

In fact, under WORD2000, when using a ar3200+ printer, such as setting the top margin of the paper to less than 22mm, a warning bar will pop up, indicating that the margins are located outside the printable area of the page. When you click "Adjust", the top margin is automatically adjusted to 22mm. If you click "Ignore", the preview, print will also appear at the top of each page is covered with text. You can prevent errors from setting the paper margins because you are prompted beforehand. As far as this function is concerned, it should be said that word is designed to be more perfect than WPS.

Why are other types of printer drivers used to solve the problem of text being obscured? Take AR4400 as an example, to see its properties, the printable area becomes: 4.24mm, down 12.7mm. The default page setting of WPS2000, of course, does not appear to be obscured by text. However, for ar3200+ printers, such as switching to a non-proprietary driver, can cause serious "side effects": first, poor print quality; the second is the printing effect and settings do not match, the core position of the overall move down.

For example, we want to leave the upper part of the page blank 25mm, the bottom left blank 20mm, if the paper on the bottom margin of 25mm, 20mm, the use of AR4400 printed out the actual effect is: the upper blank of each page about 43mm, the lower part of the blank, and even the bottom page numbers are not hit, and hit the next page. To achieve the desired print effect, there are only two methods: one is to adjust the upper and lower margins, the top margin with the expected value minus 18mm, the bottom margin with the expected value plus 18mm; Another way is to automatically feed, and then manually back to the volume of about mm, which is obviously troublesome. With the matching ar3200+ driver, the print effect is exactly the same as the setting, and the real "WYSIWYG" is realized.

The reason for this, the author analyses: Under different drivers, the same printer to set the paper top margin of the "understanding" is different. Regardless of the driver, the ar3200+ printer automatically fed paper, the paper rolled up about 22mm (with a ruler to know), and this 22mm is the actual printer is not printable area. When you use a matching ar3200+ driver, the print start position is calculated from the top of the paper, the rolled up 22mm is counted into the top margin, so the print effect is consistent with the setting. When swapped with the AR4400 driver, it automatically rolls up 22mm as the printable area (4.24mm) of the AR4400 type printer. In other words, it will take the actual paper 22mm as 4.24mm into the top margin, resulting in a version of the core position than expected to move down about 18mm.

So ar3200+ driver not only has no problem, and only use it, can really realize WPS, word processing software "WYSIWYG" function.

The attentive reader may find from figure 1 that the printer's "Unable to print area" is adjustable, and if the upper area of the ar3200+ area is lowered, can you solve the problem of the text being obscured? Through the experiment, the author found that this method is not workable, no matter how to adjust (adjust to less than or greater than 22mm ), as long as the paper set the top margin less than 22mm, there will be the phenomenon of text is obscured, and the top margin ≥22mm, all normal. (Note that if you make an adjustment to the printer's "Unable to print area" argument, the WPS2000 "Show nonprinting area" feature does not correctly reflect the actual print effect, so it is not appropriate to change this parameter)

Finally, I would like to emphasize several points:

1, the printer and other hardware, the driver is best to choose the "original", do not confusedly.

2, the top margin of the paper must be ≥22mm, for the ar3200+ model printer. Different types of printers, when automatically fed, the paper distance (that is, the actual printable area of this printer) may not be the same. The minimum value that can be set on the top margin of the paper is determined by the "actual printable area", so it is not necessarily 22mm.

3, if you want to set the header, can not be set to "unable to print area", the header "from the top margin" must also be ≥22mm (at this time WPS2000 will automatically increase the top margin of the paper, leaving the position of the header);

4, the chart and other objects such as typesetting operations, you should also note that can not be moved to the "unable to print area." Otherwise, there will be a phenomenon of being covered.

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