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WPS Office 2007 Simplified Chinese version, complete desktop Office features, easy to learn Easy-to-use fully compatible office, flexible enterprise automation components, secure and reliable document application processing.

WPS Skill One: RMB capitalization automatic conversion for financial personnel facing large amounts of data every day, converting the number format into renminbi capital format may be the work they do every day, if the format of the renminbi is set by the function, the complexity is needless to say, and some friends do not even use functions, Manual input takes a lot of effort and is prone to error. Isn't there a good solution? The answer is yes. The WPS table provides us with the renminbi capitalization conversion function, simply set, the input number can be automatically converted to the corresponding including rounded cents in renminbi capital.

WPS technique two: F4 key toggle Absolute/Relative reference

Using formula calculations in a table is something that you often encounter, and the switch between relative references and absolute references, I believe most friends will encounter, at this time, how do you operate? Is it hard to find on the keyboard.

WPS Skill Three: Quick wrap in cell

Do you know how to do a newline in a cell? Is it always a futile hit enter, and then annoyed to find the cursor ran to the next line of cells? In fact, the skilled know to use the "ALT + Enter" key combination to achieve, but I am afraid such a few skilled. Now let me tell you a good way: in the WPS table, you can easily break the form by simply clicking the "Wrap" button on the toolbar.

WPS Technique four: Multi-row multi-column bulk Merge

When we were working on the form, sometimes need to combine more than one row or more columns of data, and the table data is more, at this time we think if there is a tool for me to bulk merge multiple rows and columns, the WPS table "Cross-column merge" Can help us to do.

We want to merge multiple rows and columns of data at once, just select the columns, the data in the row, click Cross Column merge, and all the selected column cells are merged into one column, and the number of cell rows remains unchanged. In the following figure, we just want to keep the contents of column A, we can click the "Center Across Columns" button, and the contents of multiple rows and columns are automatically merged into one column, so you can enter descriptive text in the first merged column.

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