(Wuhan | student) & self-guided tour of Lushan (figure)

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(Wuhan | student) & self-guided tour of Lushan (figure)

Statement: the trip to Lushan will take time from 2010.04.23 to 2010.04.25. Three days and two nights, we will take a weekend trip to add a Friday tour because our colleagues are working in the lab for boss.


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2010.04.23Day 1


We bought the train from Wuchang to Jiujiang in T291 in the morning. It took about three hours. Soon, it was just a short time. Let's talk and laugh on the road. Out of the railway station, I bought a map and a return ticket to Wuhan at PM for T292. (It seems that you cannot buy a return course in Wuhan. I don't know why)

P.S now has a railway station called Lushan Station, which is actually the former shahe town. It is better to get off at Jiujiang Station. There are many cars from Jiujiang to Lushan.



After arriving at the train station, you can make a taxi (7-8 yuan, more than 8 yuan is definitely a long journey, the local taxi driver's original words, there is a station directly called the Coach Station on the opposite side of the road.

When I arrived at the bus station, I bought a long-distance bus from Lushan. I had 12 yuan/person. In the afternoon, the bus departs at, and. If a car is not big, I could be around 15 people, when it is slow, you can only perform the next trip.

After more than 400 bends on the panshan road, it took about 80 minutes and finally came to the gate of Lushan. (Before getting on the bus, someone had to put up a plastic bag for vomiting. It's best to have a few more out-of-the-box friends... The trip is really dizzy.) It's really expensive to buy a ticket, a student's ticket is 135/person, and an adult ticket is 180/person. After selling the tickets on the bus just now, I took a 3-4 minute tour and came to Lingling town.

When I got out of the bus, there were a lot of people pulling accommodation at once, so we just followed a person and stayed at the Jinyi Hotel. The location was OK (in fact, this town is very small, the location of the accommodation is not very important). Because of the off-season, after we cut the price, we cut the best room space location (2 Floor) from 120 to 80 and checked in. (In fact, it is estimated that the House can still be cut down. In fact, his house also offers houses with a price of 60 or 80. In fact, he only stayed for one night and spent other time playing outside, it's not very affordable. it's nothing more than a higher floor, a smaller space, and the same for others)

(The blue one is the Jinyi hotel we live in)


After settling in the hotel, we started a tour of Lushan line 1 around (this is the perfect time to watch the sunset) the route of the Lushan line 1 goes from the direction of Qingling zhengjie until it reaches the location of zhenhao supermarket. It is really nice that there is a downhill Road opposite the supermarket, from where to visit the first line of scenery.


Along the way, we first saw beautiful scenery like qinhu.


Beautiful jiuqu bridge (such as qinhu, which is famous for being a violin, leads to huxin island .)


Then we came to the flower path. Of course, this flower path is very familiar to those of us who have passed the College Entrance Examination. "In April, the peach blossom in the temple began to bloom. ." This is what Mr. Bai said. (Legend of the flower path is the place where the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi's Poems "Dalin temple peach blossom" are located. When Bai Juyi was deprecated as Sima of jiangzhou (Jiujiang), he visited Lushan on February 1. When the twilight spring, the peach blossom below the Hill has fallen, but the peach blossom is in full bloom here, Bai Juyi feels a poem)


Then I walked down for a while and came to Bai Juyi caotang, where I saw Mr. Bai standing on the lake. However, I don't know much about it. O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ (In 1988, a "white Green Grass Hall Exhibition room" was built in the garden. In 1996, the famous sculptor Wang keqing created the white green stone statue on the lake .)


Here, the Scenic Spot has come to an end. We are heading to Dongdong, which is also a poem written by Mr Mao. On the way to the cave, there is a short time to mount and go down the hill. This is a great time to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

After a while, I came to "Born with a hole, and the infinite scenery is in danger ". Not much nonsense.


I saw the Dongdong, laojun temple, and the sky was dark, but other scenic spots on the first line didn't have time to visit. I had to fight back to yinling zhengjie for 10 yuan. At the same time, the better the taxi and the driver, the better the next day, watching the sunrise tomorrow morning, and seeing us at the door of the Jinyi Hotel at, we were given to reach the peak of the five peaks, asking for 40 yuan. After half a day, we won 35 yuan. After dinner at a restaurant recommended by taxi drivers in the evening, it is really TM junk, expensive and rare. 90 yuan per table, not enough for everyone. Junk stores, such as (Lushan, Jiujiang, where the consumption level is not high) are actually good places to go down the stairs near zhenhao supermarket, where local people eat, the facade of the street is for food from outsiders.


After dinner, I went around on the street in Lingling Zheng. I looked at the special products and wanted to see the movie of lushanlian. It was hard to find it. The result was 30 RMB/person, and there was no student ticket. Forget it, go home to prepare for tomorrow's sunrise. This Lushan love cinema has also created a miracle. A cinema only let go of this movie and show it three times a day... There is also the Guinness World Record certification, certification... It is said to be the first free love film in the New China.



2010.04.24Day 2


When I got up early in the morning at, I packed my luggage and stored it at the Jinyi Hotel (free storage, planning to stay in Jiujiang at night). At, I got on the bus at the hotel's door and headed for wulaofeng. When I got off the bus at the peak of wulao Feng, it was dark and began to climb the mountain. I didn't even have a flashlight. This was just a good man, he carried us up the hill with a flashlight (he is the boss of the shop near the fourth peak of the five old peaks, bringing people up the hill for free ). At around, we finally reached the fourth peak. The best place to watch the sunrise on Lushan was just a good day, and we were able to get up early, at around, the beautiful sunrise was present.



After watching the sunrise and taking a rest, (the fourth peak gave us a good-hearted boss's shop with the legendary "Chestnut Powder". After a taste, I felt like a tasteless jelly ), we will return to the middle of the second and third peaks to see the welcoming pine in Lushan. However, due to the snow in winter, the two trunk Branches of the welcoming Pine have been broken by snow, you can only see its style in the place where you buy souvenirs. Then we went to the fifth peak of the fifth peak. Although the signs showed that we were only 1 km away from the fourth peak, we had to go down the hill for a long time. (We suspect that we missed the approaching path, but none of us saw any other routes)

After seeing the fifth peak, we started a long downhill trip with four people on our line, heading for the three-way spring. All the way was basically a step down the hill. next 10 minutes, we had a five-minute rest, at around 10 o'clock, we finally arrived at the entrance of the Tri-spring cable car. At this time, you can choose to go to the sanquan, or you can choose to take the cable car, the cable car is down, 35 yuan/person, no student ticket, back up is 55 yuan/person. At that time, we were exhausted by the following five peaks and made a cable car. In fact, the cable car is not recommended here. In fact, it is basically a flat road, not far away.


At the gate of the three-fold Spring Festival, I bought a ticket. 64/person, but I didn't even have a student ticket, Khan... In fact, there is no such thing as a small waterfall. It is so expensive to block three sections by stone. If it weren't for the phrase "not to reach the sallan spring, it's not a visit to Lushan", it's estimated that not many people will come back.


After watching the three springs, we continued. after about an hour, we came to the east gate of Lushan, if we exit the east gate of Lushan, we will be able to go out of Lushan, that is, out of the jurisdiction of the first 135 entrance to Lushan, when I enter Lushan again, I have to buy a ticket (my luggage is still stored in the Jinyi hotel). However, the original road return is too far away. In addition, I didn't have much physical strength to watch the sunrise in the morning. However, we decided to go out of the east gate of Lushan, so we had to say goodbye to our trip to Lushan. We took a taxi to the bailudong School, which is exactly one of China's four major schools. Black car, 5 yuan/person, in less than 15 minutes. Tickets for 40 RMB/person, no student ticket, Black!


After entering the door, I found that I really regret it. There is nothing in it, and there are few people. There is nothing to watch. Let alone I am vulgar. There are really not many to see in it, however, we are comforted by our reverence for ancient Chinese Academies. When we got out of Bailu college, we took a taxi to haihui town. An old lady at the door of Bailu college saw that we couldn't get a car and gave our son a call. His son saw the car and sent us to the haihui town Coach Station, 15 yuan a car. 10 minutes. When we arrived at haihui town, we went to the binning road. Two girls made a trip to Jiujiang to find a place to stay. We two boys took a bus to Weijia and then took a taxi to Lushan in Weijia to get luggage. After we got our luggage, we bought a long-distance bus ticket from Lushan to Jiujiang, for $15/person (3 yuan more expensive than the fare !), There were more than 800 turns back and forth, and they almost did not die. (We picked up our luggage on Lushan and told the ticket examiner about the situation. He didn't make it difficult for us to buy a ticket)

More than five o'clock P.M., find the hotel where the girl has already stayed, a very upscale three-star hotel, 100 yuan/standard room, long distance free calls, again shows that Jiujiang's consumption level is not high, just take a break, have dinner and go to bed. One word: tired! Our hotel is not set in the city center. If we are in the city center, the next day's trip will be relatively convenient.

P.S. In retrospect, the transportation of the whole scenic spot in Lushan is unreasonable. there is no means of transportation between the scenic spot and the scenic spot... I saw that no car was returned to Lingling town in the middle of the city. Instead, I had to go back on foot and follow the original path. This was obviously a joke with my physical strength.


2010.04.25Day 3


After one night's rest, at half past nine in the morning, we visited several scenic spots in Jiujiang city. First, we will take the bus to the water kiosk. Many public buses go to the tobacco Water Pavilion. The name of the bus station is the tobacco Water Pavilion. This site is famous for being deployed by Zhou Yu. For more information, see Google. It is best not to buy tickets!


Next, take the 5-way bus near the tobacco Water Pavilion to the yangyang tower. The name of the bus station is yanglou. There was a tour group. By the way, I heard their tour guide explain that the ticket was 20 and the student ticket was half the price. Finally, there was a student ticket.


When I exit the yangyang building, I continue to walk about 1KM TO THE lockjiang building. The ticket is 20 and the student ticket is half the price. For more information, see Google.


When I leave the lockjiang building and go forward, there is a kiosk at the location of about 3 stations. As we have already been there at, we are not there, and we are all hungry. We just took a taxi to the city center, about 7 yuan. I had a lunch and went back to the hotel to pick up and check out. (Check out before seventeen o'clock P.M.) because it is a train at, luggage is stored in the hotel after check-out, and you go to the city center for a stroll, killing time and arriving at the train station on time, but the train was delayed for an hour. After waiting for a long time, I got on the bus and went back to Wuhan! Say Goodbye to Jiu Jiang & Mount Lu.


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