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Dragon ball, a Chinese translation of dragon ball (also known as dragon ball), is a proud work of the famous Japanese cartoonist Guan shanming.
On February 23, 1984, Guan shanming ended the serialization of "ararex" in the cartoon Magazine "Juvenile JUMP Weekly". Therefore, he planned to combine the ancient Chinese Dragon Ball legends with "Journey to the West" into a funny cartoon "Dragon Ball". Although there are fights in articles 1st to 194th, this part is mainly funny. Dongying animation company changed it to the animation "Dragon Ball"; in articles 195th to 519th, it is dominated by fierce battles, this part is changed to the cartoon "Dragon Ball Z". The cartoon was serialized for about ten years. Dongying animation received the consent of the English news agency and shot the cartoons "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z". During the live broadcast on Fuji TV station and weekly screenings, it also launched a special TV set and 18 animated movies. After the conclusion of "Dragon Ball Z", Dongying animation originally produced the animation "Dragon Ball GT".
The story tells the story of Sun Wukong, the protagonist, and the seven dragons that can satisfy people's wishes. He guides readers from the mountain village to the city, from the Earth to the aliens, and from the present to the future.
According to the cartoon story of Dragon Ball, the series of cartoons of Dragon Ball were also released. Both the TV version and the Theatrical Version attracted countless Dragon Ball fans, it has set off a boom in "Dragon Ball.
Longzhu's games have also appeared on a variety of game hosts. There are also a wide variety of gaming methods, making longzhu fans full of fun.
Longzhu is also the world's best seller of cartoon sales records. It has sold more than 0.3 billion million books worldwide (42 cartoon sets and 34 full versions ), TV cartoons have been adapted for release in more than 60 countries (33 languages) around the world, and nearly 20 cartoon movies (theatrical editions) have also been released, so far, there have been no other cartoons that match the record, and are hailed as the Japanese "National cartoon ".


Introduction to the first part of longzhu
Search for Dragon Ball Article 1 Sun Wukong, a young man living in the mountains alone, met brma, a young girl scientist who collected the Dragon Ball. brma took the gokong on the journey of searching for the Dragon Ball for the four-star dipper.
Sun Wukong, who has a long tail, is born with magical power, and has been trained by his grandfather (Sun wufan). Therefore, Wukong has repeatedly defeated the evil guys during the search for the seven dragons and pearls, he also met friends such as oolong, leping, guixianren, niumagu, and Qiqi, his daughter (Kiki became his fiancee. When searching for the last seven dragons, he broke into the castle of pirafu. Later, Wukong turned into a great ape due to the Yuanyuan, and was cut off its tail. The seven dragons were also scattered due to the wishes of oolong.
21st World Championship
Wu kongbaiwutian (the guixianren) is a teacher studying martial arts. At the same time, Lin, born from Shaolin Temple, is also a teacher of Wu Tian. After the first competition, the two became the best friends. After eight months of training, two people attended the 21st event and one world martial arts conference. The two were active at the Conference. Finally, they were defeated by the transcoder in the semi-finals and finals.
Search for Dragon Ball Article 2
After the completion of the Wandao summit, Wukong set foot on the road to searching for the seven dragons and pearls to retrieve the four-star dipper belonging to his grandfather's relics. During the journey, Wukong met the red-ribbon Army (Red chain army, red silk army) That was searching for the 7dragon Pearl and intended to conquer the world. It destroyed the red-ribbon army's conspiracy several times, * ** after several masters of the Red Ribbon army and getting three dragons, the red ribbon army hired professional killer peaches to kill Wukong in vain. In the Holy Land of huali, Wukong finally found the four-star Dragon Ball, but at the same time the peach was struck in vain, the guardian of the Holy Land in the battle was killed, and Wukong was also defeated by Tao in vain, fortunately, they were saved by the four-star ball in their clothes but were slightly injured. Wukong climbed onto the huali tower to defeat the peach in vain and found the cat fairy. The cat fairy trained Wukong in the name of Chao shengshui. Three days later, Wukong defeated and turned back to retrieve the peach from the Dragon Ball.
In order to make a wish to make the guardian of the Holy Land to be killed, Wukong decided to intrude into the base of the Red Ribbon army. As a result, Wukong was defeated and received two dragons from the red ribbon army. At this time, the Wukong of the six dragons have been collected and met with their support companions, but they are troubled by the failure of the Dragon Ball radar to search for the final Dragon Ball. Later, under the instructions of the turtles, people go to find the Last Dragon Pearl of the crystal mother-in-law divination. Because the crystal mother-in-law needs to defeat the master of the crystal mother-in-law for divination, otherwise it will incur huge fees. In the battle, Wukong demonstrated amazing strength in front of everyone, but in the last battle, its masked opponent captured the weakness of Wukong's tail. Later, he revealed his identity, it is the grandfather of Wukong (Sun wufan ).
Crystal mother-in-law for Wukong divination out of the Dragon Ball is to be collected by pear, Wukong easily ***** pear and get the Last Dragon Ball, so that the guardian of the lily holy land will be revived.
22nd World Championship
Three years later, Wukong, leping, and kilin, who practiced independently, attended the World martial arts festival again. The crane fairy, the same door and dead enemy of the guixian people, also took the Tianjin rice and dumplings of the same apprentice to the competition. During the October competition, Tianjin rice beat Le Ping to a serious injury, while Lin beat dumplings. In the first round of the semi-finals, Tianjin rice competed against the turtles in disguise. In the second game, Wukong was right to Klin, and Wukong, who overcame its tail weakness, won the victory with strength.
During the finals, Tianjin rice and Wukong reached an average, but the crane fairy was killed by Wukong because of his younger brother Tao, and ordered dumplings to control Wukong's activities with super powers, later, Tianjin rice hoped that the dumplings could be stopped by Wukong. The crane immortals were also driven out of the competition venue by the turtle-sent Qigong wave. At last, Tianjin rice destroyed the stage with a qigong gun, jumped onto the Wukong stage, and used the Wukong dance technique to float Tianjin rice in the air. In the end, it was defeated because it first fell off the bus.
Lord of bike
Shortly after the 22nd event, kilin was suddenly killed, and the four-star dipper held by Wukong was also stolen. Wukong, who is in extreme anger and grief, ignores the dissuasion of the turtles to hunt down the murderer alone. Based on the note left by the murderer, the turtles determine that the murderer is related to the bigk magic Lord, which was once seed by the tortoise and the crane fairy's master (Wu taidou.
The Lord Beke was liberated by pirafu and wanted to use the power of the seven dragons to restore his youth in order to conquer the world. In addition, the Lord Beke created a magic dragon sinbalu used to collect the dragon beam. Although Wukong caught up with the men of the big devil who killed Colin, Wukong lost because it consumed a lot of physical strength in wudao. Later, Wukong responded to his physical strength by stealing the grilled fish of mitulang bingwei. At the same time, because mitulang bingwei owns a Dragon Ball, sinbalu, which collects the seven dragons, appeared in front of Wukong and mitulang bingwei, sinbalu was cut to death by micilang's soldiers and guards, which attracted the big devil to appear in person to deal with it. Wukong is still defeated despite full combat.
Wukong, a hard-to-death hacker, receives help from micilang bingwei and then visits the huali tower. On the other hand, the guixianren thought that Wukong was dead and decided to collect the dipper beads to eliminate the Great Devil. In the same way, the big devil who is collecting the seven dragons and beads finally met the guixian people. The guixian people prayed to seal the big devil again by using the peerless Learning (magic wave) of the Master Wu taidou, dumplings were killed to prevent the big devil from wishing to restore his youth to the dragon. After a successful wish, the Great Devil wiped out the X-dragon, and the Pearl of the seven dragons were also converted into ordinary stones.
Wukong received instructions from the cat fairy in huali tower to drink supershen water. Wukong, who overcame the toxicity of supershen water, immediately rushed to the location of the great devil. At the same time, tianxiao completed the magic wave training and took the lead in reaching the challenge to the big magic king. The great magic king who replied to his youth sent only his subordinates, so it was easy to *** tianxiao. At this time, Wukong rushed to the rescue of tianxiao, wukong wiped out the troops of the Great Devil and achieved an average balance with the great devil. During the battle, Wukong's left hand and feet were severely injured. Finally, Wukong won the victory by running its right hand throughout the body of the great devil, before the death of the demon king, he gave birth to his child as a flute for the future.
Wukong, In order to resurrect the person killed by the big devil, went to the temple to pray for the resurrection of the seven dragons and learned that the god and the big devil are one. Tian Shen told Wukong that he would attend the 23rd event in three years. Therefore, Wukong remains in the temple for practice until the martial arts starts after the resurrection of the 7dragon Pearl.
23rd World Championship
Three years after the destruction of the big devil, the grown-up Wukong and the crowd once again participated in a world martial arts meeting. The son of the big devil, short flute, also attended the event to kill the big brother. Kiki, the daughter of the ox lord and the devil who participated in the competition anonymously, got engaged after the competition with Wukong. The God of heaven turned into a mortal to participate in the competition. In the fight against bike, when he wanted to seal the opponent with the magic wave, he was not blocked. During the decisive battle, Wukong and the short flute won the final victory.

Introduction to longzhu Z
In fact, it is also the 291 set of animations adapted from articles 195-519 in the cartoon "Dragon Ball" of taoshan Ming. They were played on Fuji TV, with an average rating of 20.5%! During this period, Guan shanming converted his style into a fierce fighting school.
The Dragon Pearl Z introduced the Dragon Pearl series into the golden age. In this series, the influence of the Earth fighters was obviously weakened, and they were replaced by the fighting ethnic monks, guan shanming used his own ideas to plot the growth of Wukong's power. He also arranged sun wurice, the son of Wukong, as the main character of "Dragon Ball Z". He once hoped to cultivate wurice as the successor of Wukong, however, the effect is not obvious. During the weekly episode of Dragon Ball Z, a large number of Dragon Ball theatrical animations were also introduced. In addition, this has successfully made the Dragon Ball series the most famous anime in history.
The story happened in the world five years after "Dragon Ball" and tells the story of Wukong and his companions defending the earth.
The brother of Wukong, latiz, came to the earth and revealed the identity of Wukong as a battle ethnic leader. Wukong and the bigk devil joined hands to fight, but the two sides suffered from a bitter battle due to the gap in combat effectiveness. Sun wufan, son of Sun wufan, broke out a powerful combat force at a crucial moment, hitting latiz. Wukong finally decided to stick it together in the same way. He stood behind him in a moment when he showed flaws, let Bick beat his opponent through the "magic light kill" technique. But before he died, ladiz revealed that his two more powerful hacker companions had learned through the detector that he was killed and would intrude into the earth one year later.
After his death, Wukong was introduced by God to practice at the king of the world. On the other hand, other fighters, such as bike and Wukong's son Wuxi, practice each other to cope with the arrival of a stronger hacker year later.
A year later, the Sichuan People, beijita and napba, were attacked and leping, dumplings, Tianjin rice and bike were successively killed. Sun Wukong rushed back from the game king and defeated nakaba. The Leba, who had lost combat power, was killed by Beteta. At last, Wukong, kilin, and wufan defeated beijita, but it was blocked by Wukong when kilin tried to kill beijita.
As a result of the arrival of the moles, bike and others died, And longzhu also disappeared. In order to bring the dead comrades back to life, Lin, wumeal, and Burma set out to namekxing to search for longzhu. In order to survive the eternal life, bejita also went to the Namek planet.
On the other hand, frelisa, the self-proclaimed ruler of the Universe, also went to namecher for the purpose of the Dragon Ball, and the war began. After the restoration of Wukong, the earth healed, the fire quickly arrived at namecher for support, and easily defeated the elite legion of frelisa. Later, they fought with frelisa, which was greatly increased after transformation, at first, Wukong, no matter how many times the king's boxing and vitality, could not beat frelisa. frelisa then attacked and killed kilin. The Furious Wukong turned into a legendary super hacker and defeated frelisa, but namecher cannot escape the fate of being blown up. Sun Wukong's life and death are unknown.
Artificial articles
After another year and a half, the father and son of frelisa arrived on Earth to retaliate against Wukong. A mysterious teenager appeared. Before Wukong returned to the earth, he turned into a super hacker and easily defeated the father and son of frelisa. The mysterious teenager came from the future of 20 years, it's the son of bagita and brma, named "trans". He predicted that three years later, the enemy of frelisa would be a more powerful man, Wukong and bike, who concealed the real identity of trans, after I sent this message to all the Z fighters, they tried to practice it.
In addition to Artificial Humans, there is also a Future farther away than trankes, also manufactured by Dr. Groo (Dr Galo) computer, integrating the enemies of many Z fighters and the father and son of frelisa. In the future, it will kill trankes and take the time-Light machine to the modern era. The goal is to absorb people on the 17th and 18th to become completely physical, because of the future time and space, the man on the 17th and 18th of this year has been replaced by the person on the *** line.
Goku and others first met Dr. Groo, who turned into a man on the 19th and 20th, and Wukong suffered a heart attack. Fortunately, Beteta came to the rescue team and he turned into a super hacker, and easily beat the 19th. Later, Bick was about to defeat the 20th, and on the 20th, he fled to the Institute and started the No. 17 and No. 18 that had been archived, however, he was killed on the 17th and 18th, which he created. Later, the mysterious 16th, 17th, and 18th were far beyond the imagination of everyone, bagita, trankes, And Bick are all easily ****. After learning that Wukong on the 17th and 18th were looking for healthy ones, Wuxi, trankes and others quickly moved Wukong to the home of wutian to continue their recuperation, while bike realized the power of artificial beings, find the combination of the gods, and re-build a strong warrior that is comparable to the super monks-the super nameikstar.
At this time, Sharu has broken through his shell to absorb human energy and enhance his own strength. The fit of Bick has a fight with him, regardless of the outcome. Wukong finally woke up. In order to strengthen its strength in a short period of time, Wukong proposed to bagita the spirit of the House to practice, in order to go beyond the realm of super monks. The father and son of bagita, trankes, and Wukong wufan entered the spiritual time house. Betas and trankes joined hands with Saru but still could not prevent Saru from becoming completely physical.
Sharu proposed to hold a "Sharu game" similar to the world's No. 1 martial arts conference, and the provocative soldiers played with him one by one. Wukong, after being trained, first competes with it, and thus cannot be self-identified. Therefore, it places its hopes on Wuxi, which is at first unavailable, but then, with anger, the energy that exceeded his father was released, and Saru was beaten to waste water. But Saru wanted to complete his own self-detonation with the earth. Fortunately, Wukong took it out of the earth, but I have sacrificed myself because of the Sharu explosion. The core of Sharu's mind is not destroyed, and it is difficult to survive. After the skill surge, he returned to the earth to fight with Wuxi again. Finally, wushi wiped Sharu with the turtle wave qigong. Trankes returned to the future, defeating man 17 and 18.
Mo Bu ou
Seven years later, Wu has grown into a high school student. The earth has seen a new enemy-the evil Bafidi and the Devil prou ).
Wumeal, beijita, and others attended the world's No. 1 martial arts conference. Wukong also went back to the competition. It turns out that the first martial arts in the world will Secretly hide a terrible conspiracy. The magician Bafidi (BaBi di) will find powerful energy from the martial arts, and make the demon buou, the one who is seed in the eggs, be revived. The evil thoughts in the heart of bejita were used by bafeidi and changed to a super hacker 2 and Wukong, which released a large amount of energy, and Wuxi and jieswang could not stop buou's resurrection. Buo easily defeated Goku and was rescued later. Bergita knew that it was his own bad idea that brought Buo back to life. After being dizzy, Buo fought hard together with Buo. However, after self-detonation and sacrifice, Buo could not be eliminated.
Wukong put his final hopes on Sun wutian, the son of bagita, and wants to teach them the "Combination" stunt to defeat Buo, I became a super hacker 3 (at that time, Wukong was able to defeat it, but he thought it should be handed over to the young man ). When he left the world, he met Sun wufan. After the drastic changes, Buo's skill has been enhanced again. However, wutian, who has become a super hacker 3, cannot completely eliminate it. Goku, who was taken to the realm of the King of God, rushed back to Earth for support. At the beginning, it had the upper hand, but buou actually absorbed wutian and bike, and again overwhelmed Goku.
Wukong exchanged his life with the god of the 15th generation before the king and returned to the earth after the resurrection. To work with Wuxi to deal with Buo, Buo absorbed Wuxi. Fortunately, beijita was promptly taken back to the earth, and the two joined together, it was easy to overwhelm Buo, but when the two entered the Buo body to rescue the absorbed companions, they mistakenly hit the Buo to reply to the most evil state at the beginning, and destroyed the Earth and the Dragon Ball.
Wukong and beijita fought with Buo in the realm of kings. Finally, with the help of Mr. Satan, Wukong collected the power of all Earth people and used a bullet to solve the problem.

Introduction to longzhu GT
The story happened in the world 10 years after "longzhu Z.
The outline of the story of this work is not the original one of Guan shanming himself, but with the authorization of JI Ying club, Dongying animation company played the third article "Dragon Ball GT" after "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z". Guan shanming received the outline of Dongying's animation story, made some suggestions for modification, drew some character settings and illustrations, and admired the film as the final ending article of the main line of the Dragon Ball.
Before the separation of God and the devil, seven black stars and dragons were created. After the wishing, the Black Stars and dragons will be scattered across the universe. If seven dragons cannot be gathered together within a year, the planet that was originally wishing will be destroyed.
Pirafu, who began searching for the pearl, found the pearl of the Black Star and misunderstood the desire to turn Wukong back into a child. Wukong, together with trankes and granddaughter xiaofang, sought the dipper to save the Earth. In the search for the seven dragon beads, dr. mitbird's beby is able to attach to people and absorb the ability, because it is attached to the most powerful publisher-Betas, therefore, Wukong must be transformed into a super hacker 4 to defeat him.
Article 17
After the death of Dr. micio, he met Dr. Groo, a man of design, in hell. The two men created the ultimate artificial man on the 17th and opened the door to the earth from hell. They integrated with the man on the 17th to form a super 17th. Other dipper warriors are at a disadvantage even if they become a super hero. On the last 18th, Wukong disrupted the 17th and destroyed him with longboxing and the super turtle qigong.
Evil dragon
After the 17th, Wukong and others planned to seek for the restoration of the earth, but this time called for the evil dragon. It turns out that the use of the Dragon Ball is too much, making it worse. Wukong volunteered to **** seven evil dragons to restore the earth. After a dragon is defeated, all the negative energy is purified. After the war, X-Dragon suddenly appeared. After the restoration of the earth, it took the earth away from Wukong. Qi longzhu appeared again after nearly one hundred years!

1: "Legend of the Dragon" ("The Legend of the Dragon") 1986/12/20 Animation
Story Introduction: The story begins with an encounter between a little boy named Wukong and a girl buma looking for a Dragon Ball. Wukong has a 4 planet left by his grandfather, and buma finds a 2 planet. In this way, they had two of the seven dragons, but soon they were snatched by a group of bad guys. Then, during the adventure, oolong, leping and puah Lu joined the adventure team. Finally, Wukong made a wish like longzhu to save the village.
Finally, Wukong made a wish to longzhu, saving the whole village.

Story Introduction: after the first adventure, Wukong decided to break up with his friends and continue to cultivate martial arts. He came to his home, where he learned and knew kilin. The turtles gave them a task to go back to the princess in a devil's castle called luxfa.

3: movie (movie)
Story Introduction: our heroes have gathered together to find the dipper. This time, they met the king dumplings of the rice country and his personal assistant Tianjin rice. However, Tianjin rice is under the hand of the crane XianRen (the enemy of the turtles. The world's first martial arts conference will be held here, and everyone wishes to attend. Wukong encountered difficulties when looking for the Dragon Ball, and it seemed to be related to the crane fairy. Like the TV version of longzhu, araree (tasks in IQ mode) appears in some places and meets Wukong.

Story Introduction: in this movie, we will introduce karik II, who has occupied the temple and snatched the govice. I got the Last Dragon Pearl on govice's hat and made a wish to him that he could not die. Can Wukong win this time.

5: "the world's strongest Masters" ("the greatest man in the world" and "the most brave man in the world") 1990/03/10 Dong Ying series Dongying Animation
Story time: unknown. At this time, wurice will have a little martial arts and has a good relationship with the short flute. Wukong will play the game with four times the game but will not become a supergame, Wukong and the short flute are not dead.
New Profile: Dr. viluo, an evil scientist fifty years ago, was banned from the snow-capped mountains due to abnormal weather conditions.
Story Introduction: Dr. Wei Luo's assistant, Dr. Gao Jin, used the power of longzhu to bring him back to life and sought the strongest person in the world to transplant Dr. Wei's mind. Dr. Gao was the first person to search for Dr. Gao, competing for Wu Tian. Later, he tried to find Wukong. Just as Wukong came to the door and started to fight.
Conclusion: Dr. Vero's brain-controlled robot has some skills, but Wukong wiped him out with a bullet.

Story time: unknown. At this time, Wuxi will have a little martial power and has a good relationship with the short flute. Wukong will play the game with the power of the game, but it will not become a supergame, Wukong and the short flute are not dead.
New Profile: Dales
New character information: the low-level warrior of the monks is very similar to Wukong. It is a bit dark. Although it is a lower-level warrior, it has a lot of skill and strength because it has eaten the fruit of many spiritual trees!
Story introduction; DALYs came to the Earth in the Spirit tree, the King told Wukong the dangers of this tree, people began to fight to protect the earth!
Conclusion: DALYs died in the vitality of Wukong's spiritual tree!

7: Sun Wukong, a super hacker (Sun Wukong, a super hacker) 1991/03/09 Dongying series Dongying Animation
Story time: unknown. Because Wukong will use a bullet but will not become a supergame, and the short flute will also be alive.
New player: stagu
New figures: Shi lagu and short flute are just like those of the Merk star, when the Merk star was facing destruction, he was sent to the Merk star when he was a baby. He is a super Merk star with an absolutely evil heart, and he has more combat talent than the original flute. In addition, Wang estimated that he is also interested in Beverly Hills and super monks.
Story Introduction: Shi lagu wants to transform the earth into a star sailing ship suitable for the survival of the devil. In the transformation process, we accidentally discovered that there was a Dragon Ball on the earth, and we used the Dragon Ball to restore our youth. Soon after Wukong and others came out to fight, they were easily beaten by Shi lagu after defeating him. The short flute destroyed his ears and let govice whistle, because the American star was afraid to hear such a sound.
Final: Wukong absorbed the power of the short flute ***, but it was not dead yet. Wukong wiped him out with a bullet.

8: "strongest to strongest" ("strongest to strong") 1991/07/20 Dong Ying series Dongying Animation
Story time: After the firessa was defeated.
New appearance: gula
New character information: freza's brother, can be changed once over. Come to the earth to find a super hacker challenge.
Story Introduction: gula takes the group A (similar to the basic forces) to Earth, and Wukong is injured to protect wumeal. Gofui went to get xiandou for him to eat. After the injury, he could not beat the CAPTCHA and gula's super hacker Sun Wukong.
Ending: the energy ball released by gula to destroy the Earth was blocked by Wukong and killed.

9: 10 billion Warriors (sudden !! Tens of billions of images and even tens of thousands of others, and clash of fighters) 1992/03/07 Dongying series Dongying Animation
Story time: After gula was destroyed, before the man-made man.
New appearance: Metal gula
New figures: a computer chip in the space cemetery a long time ago has enhanced its energy due to its long-term energy effect, then it absorbed the material in the universe as energy gradually formed into a huge mechanical planet higher than the star. The dying gulas float to this planet's head and master computer, and the planet becomes a metal gulas.
Story Introduction: kostar wants to eat the new Merk star, so the Merk star asks Wukong for help. The metal gula is more reliable than the high-tech technology of gaoxing. Sun Wukong won't beat him. Later, he was able to change to the Betas of supergame, but he was not very helpful. The two were captured at the same time and absorbed by higher stars, but the super moles had too much energy, exceeding the upper limit of energy storage for higher stars and causing damage to some machines.
Conclusion: With the help of beijita, Wukong used an energy ball to eliminate the core of the metal gula.

10: "Three super monks !! The three Super experts, the ultimate battle! 1992/07/11 Dong Ying series Dong Ying Animation
Story time: after defeating verisa, before the man's 17th and 18.
New players: Artificial talents 13, 14, and 15.
Background: Time and space are unknown, because at this time Wukong, beijita, and DITE can become supercompetitions, and Wuxi has no fighting power.
Story Introduction: After a Wukong family went to the streets for shopping, they met the restaurant for dinner. At this time, the man came to the door on the 14th and 15th. To prevent innocent people from being killed or injured, Wukong and tenanks moved to the wasteland to fight with the man. After that, beijita joined the battle with the man on the 13th. At the beginning, Wukong and others were slightly defeated, but the three were eliminated on the 14th and 15th after the supergame. However, on the 13th, the chip and energy device that absorbed two people were not rivals. Wukong turned into a supergame and attacked it with an angry bullet, but "It cannot be made with an evil heart ".
Conclusion: "When Wukong turned into a super hacker, he accidentally took the energy that gradually disappeared and spent the power *** on the 13th.

11: "Burn it! Fierce battles, fierce battles, and fierce battles (the Legendary Super ghost man) 1993/03/06 Dongying series Dongying Animation
Time of the story: Unknown, may be before the cylu game after Wukong's return to Earth. At this time, Wukong, beijita, maxcompute, and wuxian can all be supergames, but wuxian is not as good as Wukong and others. Wukong is still alive, and beijita knows that Da Te is his son.
New player: broley
New figures: bogates's son, broli, was born with a combat power of up to 10 thousand. King begieta was afraid that he would threaten himself and Mr. begieta in the future and then kill them, but they did not die.
Background: The legendary super hacker attacked the entire southern Milky Way and was about to attack the northern Milky Way.
Story Introduction: beijita and broley went out to find the legendary super-hacker, but they could not see the legendary super-hacker. When they came back, they met Wukong, and broley was excited. Bogars thought it was a problem with the device that controlled broley, but the controller is not bad, so it may be that "broley's hacker could naturally wake up when he met Sun Wukong's big energy" and "the line of fate tied the two together, I was born on the same day and slept on two side-by-side beds... ". In the middle of the night, broley took the initiative to Attack Sun Wukong, so he unveiled the legend of the super hacker. The battle was blocked by bogas, but the next morning the battle was inevitable.
Bejeta and others seem to be scratching the teeth in brolly's eyes, and brokly just takes a few times to *** four super moleters, which makes him lose confidence. After eating the fairy beans brought by the short flute, Wukong, wumeal, da te, and the short flute continued to fight, and beijita, which restored confidence, also joined, but all of them were defeated again.
While the super moles were fighting, bogas was sitting in a space ship with only one person. It turned out that bogates planned to use the new comet that quickly crashed into the new bergetas to kill Wukong and other people before they arrived on the planet, but broley was out of control and wanted to kill him as well. The reason for not fighting on Earth is that Earth is the best planet in the north bank, but it is a pity that the space ship was captured by broley and sent to this cruel father on the west.
Conclusion: Only Wukong can continue to fight. He absorbed the remaining energy of four other people, and they also took the space ship with a short flute to escape from singletas.

12: galaxy is facing a crisis and an extraordinary expert (Galaxy !! They have broken through the limits! Galaxy dark overlord) 1993/07/10 Animation
Story time: Not long after the victory of cylu.
New player: Bojack
New figures: Bojack is a bad mob who traveled through east-west north banks and attempted to destroy them one by one. The four kings then joined forces to seal him on the planet at the end of the galaxy, but because of the death of the northern king, the seal was lifted.
Story: Qian duoduo, the world's first richest man, held a competition for his son's ten-year-old birthday and invited the galaxy warriors to join the war (assumed by a disciple of Satan ). When everyone had nothing to do, they came to this martial arts meeting. At the Conference, they met the real cosmic man under Bojack, And the contestants such as dad (who came back after defeating the future artificial man) were. Later, PIDI and bagita arrived, and Dalat joined the battle again, but everyone was *** again. Wurice was also blocked by Bojack's men with super power, and escaped danger with the help of Satan and the dead Wukong.
Conclusion: Satan helped wumeal twice, and wumeal became second-to-second because of Wukong's encouragement.

13: The two are facing a crisis and super soldiers are hard to sleep! Super senior vice versa) 1994/3/12
New appearance: Still broley
Story Introduction: wutian trankes bindi Li is looking for longzhu! But on the way, I met a village. It is said that this village has changed from rich village to poor village in the past seven years. The weather is abnormal, and monsters will attack the village if they cannot find food! Wutian and his entourage helped them fight monsters. During this period, they hid in the pot (waiting for the rabbit to wait for the monster) however, the bitter voice of wutian's ele. Me awakened the memories of broley defeated by Wukong seven years ago (because kakarot is very angry with wutian) and the battle began, later, Wu rice came and fought with broli, which was completely under the storm. Later, they joined the Qigong wave, and Wu rice sent a turtle to send Qigong, which was not good for broli. Wu Tian went to help him, however, Wukong, a two-member, also appeared. (During the battle with broley, all the dragon beads collected by wutian and his entourage fell out; "Is there no way for you to protect the earth without me? This is the last time !) Wukong joined wuxian wutian and sent a record of the three members of the turtle school qigong to hit broli!
Conclusion: The appearance of Wukong becomes a mystery! Even though all the collected Dragon Balls flew to different parts of the world, they did not ask for the dragons!

14: Knock down super soldiers! Victory belongs to me! Victory over death and death
New appearance: biochemicals broley
Introduction of new appearance figures: Because the sacrifices of the village (the figures from the previous album Theatrical Version) have been known that the village has monsters, so no one believes him. In order to make money, he sold the blood of brolly after his death to others (Satan's dead enemy), leading to the appearance of biohazard brolly!
End: tranx and gotian beat him! Rely on wisdom!

15: resurrection! Wukong and beijita
Time: After the Magic Man Buo event. But I don't know why Wukong and beijita died again.
New players: zoba (evil wave) and bagu)
New character information: Because the malicious soul Cleaning Machine for the people who go to hell has not changed the storage tank in time, the evil liquid in the tank is flowing to the storage tank administrator, and the storage tank administrator becomes a scum.
Story Introduction: At the first martial arts conference in the dark on the king of the world, four kings are dispatched to participate, and the finals are Sun Wukong of the North Galaxy and bagu of the South Galaxy. During the finals, Wang received intelligence and learned that zaba had set up a circle in the ghost magic palace (where the ghost devil is waiting), which led to the resurrection of the dead to the chaos of the world. The king of the great community asked Wukong and bagu to go to the ghost magic palace. On the other hand, on the earth, wumeal, wutian, and xiaote were also busy dealing with the resurrection of fresh, Hitler, and others (without making a mistake, it was the resurrection of xite ).
Bagu is responsible for unbinding the enchantment in the devil's palace, and zicba is handled by Wukong. Scrumba is very good and has a lot of strange tricks to play. Wukong has changed to 3 before turning him down, but zaba is not dead, but a more suitable form of combat (to the size of an ordinary person ). At the beginning, Wukong had the same strength as him, but Wukong gradually fell out of the enemy because of scumba's demon technique (this demon is similar to Buo's physical breakdown ). In a critical moment, Betas, who was revived from hell, saved Wukong's life, but Betas was not a competitor of zaba. In the face of insurmountable opponents, they decided to use fusion, but the pig tower was wrong, so it was a fat man without fighting power. The fat man finally separated after 30 minutes with the style of the Q version. Wukong and beijita wanted to integrate again, but were constantly attacked by Zoba, so bagu went on to hold on for a while.
Conclusion: The two were integrated and successfully converted into wuquita 2, and the powerful wuquita 2 easily wiped out the dregs. On the earth, wutian and xiaote have also become the forces of wutian to kill Hitler. The order of death in the Yin Dynasty has been restored to normal, and all dead people have died again.

Story time: After the devil's buou incident.
New appearance: sindiga
New figures: one thousand years ago, on the galaxy's Galaxy, a group of unknown magic mentors injected evil energy into an evil magic statue, the magic God becomes the Magic Man sindiga.
Story Introduction: After the devil's Buo incident, the masked Superman 1 (wurice) and the masked Superman 2 (bidi Li) jointly protected the peace of the city of Satan. Once they saved an old man named Bell who was about to commit suicide. Bell "committed suicide" to help him open a music box. This music box is not an ordinary one. It contains darbian, the brave man of the southern galaxy that was sealed one thousand years ago, and only he can deal with "demons that attempt to destroy the whole universe and are close to the Earth ". Gof and others believed in his words and used the power of longzhu to unlock the seal. The dbinan that came out of the music box is not only unhappy, but also hopes to return to the music box again ......
He is very fascinated by dbinan and hopes to have a brother like dbinan, but dbinan is very cold to him and others.
There was a huge monster with only the lower half of the body in the city, and soon the masked super people came to deal with it. However, this monster is very strong and only appears in the case of an attack. It takes some effort to *** it. When the monster disappears, Goku heard a similar sound from the music box and saw a masked man ......
The masked man raided dbinan and wanted to grab the flute from dbinan, but the flute was often in the hands of the little one who gave dbinan food. It turns out that the masked man is Bell. After a small selection, he handed the flute over to DA Bian. After Bell escaped, Dabian made friends with Peter and went to his home. When she fell asleep, dbinan met Burma in the hallway and told her the truth ...... one thousand years ago, on the Galaxy galaxy, "a group of unknown magic mentors injected evil energy into an evil magic statue, the magic God becomes the Magic Man sindiga, and Bell is also a member of the magic mentor. "" The Magic Man sindiga has launched an attack on the geno, and all the people are killed and the city is completely destroyed ...... "" darbian and his younger brother Mino use the flute sound from the God of heaven to control the Magic Man, the high priest serving the God of heaven cut the body of the Magic Man into two halves with the sword of the brave treasure of the God of heaven. Then he sealed the upper half of sindiga to darbian, while the lower half was sealed to Mino. Since then, Sino-Nov has restored peace, and the Dabian brothers are also known as warriors. In order to snatch back the Magic Man, the group of magic mentors began to attack them, so the two of them voluntarily were respectively seed in two music boxes to seal the magic man forever. However, when the two are close to each other, the upper and lower half of the monster will take the initiative to resonate and refit. To prevent the phantom from being revived, the two were sent to a space ship and moved to different Milky Ways. However, in order to realize the ambition to conquer the universe, Bell found two music boxes, and minessa was also killed"
Burma made a room in concert with the music box and photo to help darbi control the phantom in his body, so that he could rest in it and tell everyone about the story. (Good interest Earth women can make that kind of thing-_-) the lower body of sindiga is close to DA bi'an. Due to the gravity of the upper and lower body, it is still a combination of resurrection. After the resurrection, the Magic Man Xin diga is twice as powerful as before and only appears in the attack. No more powerful force is *** it. Beijita, wutix 3. govice and Wukong 2, which only increase the energy but remain unchanged, were all ...... at this time, the flute sounded, and it turned out to be dapian. He sealed his upper and lower body in his body and hoped to destroy sindiga through his death, but his strength was not enough to block sindiga for a long time. However, the revived sindiga "accidentally" killed Bell.
Conclusion: In any case, it is up to Wukong to deal with BOSS. He used Longquan to destroy the entity in the face of sindiga, which is also the first time that Wukong used Longquan.
After the elimination of sindiga, the Da bi server returned to one thousand years ago. When he left, he gave the sword of the brave man to Xiao Te as a gift.

17: "Towards the strongest path" ("the strongest path") 1996/3/2 Dong Ying series Dong Ying Animation
Story Introduction: This is the first re-release of the Dragon Ball serialization, but this time it adopts a brand new Task Design and integrates the GT style. This animation is very beautiful, because it contains a lot of new and cool effects, such as computer-made turtle qigong.

18: Wukong rumor! Proof of courage 4 planet (Wukong! Brave enough to prove the four-star ball) 1997/03/26 Dong Ying series Dong Ying Animation
Story time: One hundred years after the defeat of a Star Dragon.
New player: xiaowukong
New figures: One hundred years after the defeat of a Star Dragon, all the dragon and pearl warriors have died, and the only thing that survived is Xiao Fang. Xiaofang has a grandson named Wukong. But to be different from the original Wukong, he is called xiaowukong.
Story Introduction: After Wukong's elimination of beby in 100, people who have gone through the beby war are no longer there, except xiaofang ....
Xiaofang's grandson is very similar to Wukong's, so he is also named "Wukong". Although xiaowukong has practiced with her grandmother, she has not grown any further and is still bullied by her classmates at school; after Xiao Fang knew it, she was very angry and fell ill. In the hospital, she told Wu Kong, "What you need is not strength, but courage; you don't think you are afraid of anything around you. That is the real power! "Grandma xiaofang couldn't support it anymore. Wukong cried and ran out of the hospital. She went home alone. In the memories, I accidentally remembered the Dragon Pearl that my grandmother once mentioned with myself... as long as I found the Dragon Pearl, I could fulfill all my wishes! Grandma xiaofang will be okay! So Wukong decided to go to baozishan alone, because it was the place where the ancestors lived, and there must be a Dragon Ball!
Innocent little Wukong was cheated shortly after he left the house, including the food on his body .... he walked down to the door of a convenience store in a sullen manner. When his former bully Paku appeared there, he decided to go to baozishan with Wukong. Passau borrowed a car and some food from the convenience store and brought Wukong to quickly "go" and dropped it ~
The road ahead is more dangerous, and there are many monsters waiting for them ....
At night, when the food is baked, the wolf crawls around, and this time it is fierce. The wolf on this side rushed to Wukong, who fled to the bottom of the big tree. The wolf on the other side was about to open his mouth to eat Paku .... at this moment, "bang" shot, scared the Wolf group, a beautiful sister saved Paku; then it was found that Wukong somehow ran to the top of the big number, you still have to call for help --. The sister took them back, invited them to dinner, and settled them to bed. Lying in bed, Wukong remembered a word that PACU had previously reminded him, "you can't trust an excessively good person. "The fact is true, the beautiful sister who saves them turned out to be a monster. The two escaped the first blow, but they were finally caught by monsters! Later, at the critical moment of death, Wukong took a sigh of relief, and then retreated to the enemy. However, he was tired. Although Paku somehow escaped from Wukong, and moved to lisuo.
Finally, the road ahead was more difficult and dangerous-A shaking old suspension bridge (~ _~) In front of me, the bottom is the deep abyss .... passau was so bold and careful that he had crossed the bridge, but Wukong did not dare. with the encouragement of Passau, Wukong finally took the first step .... but when it came to the middle, a burst of wind blew, the bridge shook, The Wukong leg was soft, and the bridge was also broken ..... Wukong also grabbed a rope and hung it over there to call for help. Paku had to run to prepare to pull him. Unfortunately, the bridge couldn't bear the weight of the two, and finally broke it .... as a result, Apache fell down, but Wukong grabbed the rope and hung it on the cliff ....
Next, Lu Wukong went alone. Along the way, Wukong regretted that he did not have enough courage to fall into the abyss. At this moment, a bear hurried out from the grass, hiding behind Wukong, Wukong has not responded, and there is another fierce animal in the grass, apparently want to eat the bear. Wukong saw it, and it was stunned over there, but soon it was reflected that the "call" escaped .... when I ran and thought about the poor bear, I thought it was useless. So I decided to run back to save the bear. Of course, I couldn't beat the fierce beast. When the fierce beast was preparing to eat and eat Wukong, Wukong once again experienced a burst of energy and flew it up .... later, when I learned about the situation, I decided to give Wukong a ride to thank me for saving my life.
Conclusion: when we were about to reach our destination, we met the king of baozishan, the demon king! In order to protect your children and Wukong, Father Xiong is desperate to resist the demon king, even though he knows that he is not the opponent of the other party. After Wukong understood what he meant, he ran away with the bear. When the bear saw that his father was about to be killed, he earned the hand of Wukong and rushed to the demon king. Wukong was able to see this scene, and finally burst into the body of energy, the little super moles hate to beat the demon king!
Return to the ancestor's hut and find the legendary Dragon Ball ......

19: Hi! Return Sun Wukong and his companions! Please try again later. 2008/11/24 free JUMPLAND
Story time: Two years after the defeat of the Devil Buo
New appearance: tarpur, the younger brother of bagita
Story Introduction: the background of the new work is set to two years after the defeat of the Devil Buo. In order to commemorate the destruction of buou, the world champion, Mr. diudan, created a new hotel and invited the Dragon Ball warriors, including Wukong, to attend the party as guests. While gokong and others were intoxicated by the happy atmosphere of the party, a small ship landed on the earth, the cians inside noticed the powerful combat power and then went to the party venue together with the accompanying cosmic men. When the nakasya saw beijita, they said amazing things! Originally, this zaya was the younger brother of bagita, Tabo.

TV special edition
1: The final battle of the Yifu dangguan ("father of Wukong") 1990/10/17 Dongying series Dongying Animation
Story time: Wukong was born.
New appearance: daraku
New character information: baraku is the father of Wukong, a level-1 defender of sub-soldiers (combat power 10 thousand ).
Story Introduction: barako and his team were under magic boxing when they attacked the other star, and then he was able to see the future.
The team members left the injured parako to rest in the restoration device, while others attacked miluxing. When barakau woke up and came to miluxing, other team members had been wiped out by Dora and others. Despite killing a lot of Liya's men, the struggling barako still almost died in the hands of a lot of Liya.
Barako realized that the foreseeable future is the real future. He knew that frisa wanted to kill the attackers. He wanted to recruit his companions to fight fresh together, but no one believed him, so he had to stop fresh from destroying bejita. (I don't know why King begieta hasn't appeared from start to end)
Final: A firesa's energy ball wiped out barako and bergetas.

2: resistance in despair! Lonely super warrior ("the history of tenanks") 1993/02/24 Dong Ying series Dong Ying Animation
Story time: after defeating a man on the 15th, 14th, and 15th.
New players: Man 17 and 18.
Background: Wukong died half a year before the 17th and 18th of a man-made person.
Story Introduction: Most people are killed when they appear on the 17th and 18th. After 13 years, govice and tenanks have been challenged by a man who has broken their arm to save tenanks. After the injury, Wu Han was challenged by a man and unfortunately died. tenanks saw his body turned into a super zombie with anger. Three years later, tenanks once again challenged the man, defeated but not dead, so he sat down on the Time Machine and went over.

Exclusive OVA
New players: dr. Ricky and haqiac.
A long time ago, the bejita planet was called the PLANTE planet, and the zfru people lived on it. They created a highly developed scientific and technological civilization...
One day, the monks came here in a ship with a broken ship and requested assistance from zfru, who allowed them to land and settle here, so the two races began to live together on the same planet.
In this way, the warrior tribe of the monks soars with the population of the year and year. One day, a man born with extraordinary wisdom like zfru came to the Earth.
The man was later honored as the king of bejita, and he led the man to rebel against zfru.
Since then, this planet has been renamed as the star of bergetas, and the Creator has become the ruler.
After the defeat of the man in battle, the zfru people are in the threat of destruction.
In the midst of the war, Laki, the best scientist in zfruu, has completed the "husky" machine capable of amplifying resentment. This is the ultimate invention! It can be used to collect and zoom in the angry energy of the zfru people, so that it will automatically evolve into a living body and create many dead fighters!
Story introduction:
Earth: the enemies that were previously destroyed by Wukong appeared again in front of the Z fighters, and become more powerful...
Universe: in order to find ryji, Wukong, a group of them set out to confuse stars! What new enemies are there waiting for them? How did they end? What is the enemy of the ultimate warrior hatchak, who has absorbed Dr ryki's resentment over the limit of energy ?......





From: http://www.newcc8.com/viewthread.php? Tid = 174184

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