X01. OS. 20: compile linux-0.11 on the ubuntu, ubuntu

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X01. OS. 20: compile linux-0.11 on the ubuntu, ubuntu

Why linux

Just as we cannot rely on GPS in the United States to direct our missiles, it is hard to imagine using a computer running windows to conduct an information war with the United States. North Korea's network crash once again warned people that information and network warfare are not far away from us. The open-source linux system can be customized based on its own requirements, which is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

Why is linux-0.11?

Now the linux-3.18, nearly ten millions of lines of code, even linus, also did not read all, let alone to learn. And linux-0.11, only more than ten thousand lines of code, used to learn, from the amount is exactly.

Into the linux-3.18/arch directory, there is a lot of it, but as long as you figure out one, such as x86, the other is not hard to understand. Similarly, file systems, drivers, and so on can all adopt this breakthrough approach. But before proceeding, take the linux-0.11 to open the knife first, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Because the linux-0.11 Sparrow is small, but dirty, and has correlation with the current linux-3.18. In this way, the quality is guaranteed.

How to compile and run linux-0.11 in ubuntu

With the successful running of the linux-0.0, compiling the linux-0.11 in ubuntu is no longer difficult. SlaveX01.lab. downloadDownload link provided, selectX01.los.1.tar.gz, Download and decompress the package, and enter the terminal. make and then use bochs. It should be noted that grubdos. img is used here, which is also the ubuntu startup method. Terminal input make grub can add a compiled Image in grubdos. img, while the rootimage-0.11 is the root file Image. In the grubdos menu, select the last item. When the insert floppy and press ENTER prompt is displayed, select fd1 in the grubdos menu.

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