X3d download and how to use the original NetBeans IDE to build the X3D editing environment

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Before installation:

    • Overview

      X3d-edit version 3.3 Standalone application and Netbeans plugin is available and ready.

      X3d-edit is written using Java 8 for Netbeans 8 platform. X3d-edit runs on Desktop/laptop/tablet systems and is portable across major operating systems (Windows 7-10, MacOSX, Linux ).

      As with any application, the users may need administrative permissions to fully install or uninstall X3d-edit on their system.

      The X3d-edit codebase builds and runs using either Java 7 or (preferred) Java 8.         If needed, you can verify your installed Java version. (Requires installation of java7 or above)

The X3D has been configured:


Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1cnsbz6K0N_A0Xep2nMOAGg Password: DT40

Note: The path must not be extracted in Chinese, after the decompression

    • runX3dEditWin.batOn a Windows machine.
    • runX3dEditMac.sh.commandOn a Mac.
    • runX3dEditUnix.shOn a Linux/unix system.

If it is a Windows system, you can also run it directly. \x3d-edit3.3\x3dedit33\bin\x3dedit3364.exe (X3dedit33.exe)

Here you can use the X3D, if you configure it, please continue to look down:

Install NetBeans IDE First if you configure yourself

NetBeans IDE Download: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html

Then follow the following tutorial configuration:

  • Netbeans Plugin

    Prerequisite: Install the latest NetBeans on your local system.

    NetBeans users can connect to the Netbeans Update Center for automatic plugin download and installation using the Followin G procedure. The image links below provide screen snapshots corresponding to each installation step.

    Install Instructions for Netbeans plugin:

    1. Select Tools > Plugins > Settings > Choose "Every Startup" and Select "Add" ,
    2. Now fill in the Netbeans Update Center customizer by entering the following grey-background text:
      Name: X3D-Edit Update Center
      URL:  http://www.movesinstitute.org/X3D-Edit/netbeans_modules/updates.xml

      then click OK .
    3. While still in the Plugins Settings tab, look on left-hand side under area Configuration of Update Centers X3D Edit Update Center for the entry, and ensure the Activ E-column checkbox in the lower left is checked.
    4. While in this panel, confirm-selected Check Interval:every Startup from the Drop-down list.
    5. Switch to Available Plugins the tab, select the Upper-left Install box for the X3d-edit plugin,
      And then select the Lower-left Install button.
    6. A Welcome to Netbeans IDE Plugin Installer panel.
      Select the Next button.
    7. It is necessary to accept the Open-source license and again select the Install button.
    8. A Progress Panel should then appear.
    9. If any problems with certificates is encountered, select Continue . Certificate information. Current difficulties with Netbeans module signing is documented in issue 1518.
    10. An installation complete panel indicates when the process was done. Select the Finish button.
    11. For confirmation, X3d-edit now appears on the Plugins Panel installed tab, and your may now close the Plugins panel.

    X3d scenes, also checking for weekly (or daily) updates.

    • Manual Download and install of Netbeans plugin modules

      Download and save the plugin Modules from Http://www.movesinstitute.org/X3D-Edit/netbeans_modules directory to a temporary directory on local disk.

      Then select Tools > Plugins > Downloaded to load plugin modules from a local disk directory to Install those downloads.

      • Updates are Automatic

        Netbeans indicates when plugin updates is available for download and installation.

        Alternatively you check the for an update yourself. Select and then Tools > Plugins > Updates click the Update button to confirm whether a newer version of X3d-edit is available. This works identically both for the X3d-edit standalone application and for the Netbeans plugin.

        Changelog summaries and date of latest revision is found in the project manifest.mf file. (Also available:xj3dwrapper/manifest)

        X3d-edit Automatic Updates is accepted by the Netbeans Plugin Portal since 2008.

After the installation is complete, the configuration is finished

Then create a new X3d scene:

The window that was written with its own browse model is a bit of a flash and unsightly, and can be browsed using BS Contact stereo:

BS Contact Stereo:


The following two boxes will be filled in:


BS Contact Stereo hack method: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_59eb15b10100afg6.html

If your English is good please refer to the website:


X3d download and how to use the original NetBeans IDE to build the X3D editing environment

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