Xcode Export app General issues and Solutions (Developer agreement changes and bundle ID expiration issues)

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Xcode Export App general problems and their solutions

Question one : Developer Agreement Change issues .

After the change package will appear such as a warning, click "Visit developer website" to enter the Apple developer site, login to the developer account will appear as shown in Figure B , click "Review Agreement "Go to the next step to confirm your consent terms."


                                     (Figure A)


                                        (Figure B)

question two : Bundle Id Expired (expired) problem

  After expiration the packing process will appear C warning, this matter, you need to login to Apple Developer, (left)certificates, IDs &profiles-(left)Provisioning Profiles-distribution Choose name for your general->identify->bundle in your Xcode project Identifier the name of the item, click the "Edit" button and then "Generate" to extend the current project expiration time, after completion "Status" will be Expired becomes Active(figure d) and resolves the expiration issue.

(add: If the process is not properly packaged, please go to the Account Center of Xcode, select the relevant profile of the app associated with the account, select "download" To update the configuration file!) )

(Figure C)


                      (Figure D)

Xcode Export app General issues and Solutions (Developer agreement changes and bundle ID expiration issues)

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