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Newly installed XCODE7 version 7.1 Beta, it is said that this version can be free real-machine debugging, so with a new AppID test, found that really can free real-machine debugging it! The new AppID account, did not pay 99 U.S. knives per year, nor to the Apple developer site Https://developer.apple.com/account/overview.action there to register mobile devices, nor Download CER certificate mobileprovision certificate installation ... However, the real machine can be debugged, which is a good news for the vast number of developers.

My Mac OS system is 10.10.5,appid account is newly created, the following record Xcode7.1 free real-machine debugging steps:

1. Open Xcode and choose Xcode--Preferences:


2. Select Accounts-click the "+" sign below to select "Add Apple ID ...":


3, enter your AppID account information, you will find the team name there appear your AppID name, belong to personal team, and then the following is written iOS and Mac free, meaning that the iOS and Mac software developed by the real-computer debugging. This is not the case with the Xcode6.4 above, but "* * * is not on any development Teams".


The Xcode6.4 is this:

4. Click "View Details ..." To open a new page and select the "IOS development" certificate, which is the CER certificate. If you want to do Mac software development, you can also choose to create a "Mac development" certificate


5. Plug in the data cable, connect the real machine device, create the iOS project or open the project, select the real machine device to debug. Then select General--and Identity--in the team select the team Name that you just added to the AppID account. At this time found the team under the warning exclamation point, said "No matching provisioning profiles found", meaning there is no mobileprovision certificate. No hurry, step by step.


6, select the team, then click on the "Fix Issue", the resolution interface appears:

7, after the completion of the "Fix Issue" warning disappears, finished, can be free to debug the real machine:


Xcode7 free real-machine debugging

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