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When writing OA, ERP, MIS, and other systems, you need a lot of database interaction. Maybe your project involves multiple databases, and each database has hundreds of tables, generally, you need to write a data object and an access object for each table. This is a tedious task, but it is just the beginning of a nightmare. When everything goes smoothly, the customer suddenly changes the demand. At this time, you may need to change multiple fields in multiple tables in multiple databases, this means that you need to modify every corresponding data object and every field corresponding to the access object. The nightmare is upgraded, and development is in a quagmire ......, in the future, we will continue to modify, test, and modify and test. In the end, you only need to pray that the demand should not change again. However, the fact is that the demand is always changing.

Many people have experienced this nightmare. I am one of them, so I developed xcodefactory, and xcodefactory ended my nightmare. Xcodefactory is a data-layer Automatic code generation tool used to simplify the development of the data layer. all data layer code of the. Net project can be automatically generated by xcodefactory, even if it involves multiple databases and different types of databases (currently sqlserver, Ole database, and Oracle will be supported ), xcodefactory uses. the xcf project file manages all these contents.

In addition to the Automatic Generation of the data layer, xcodefactory also provides two-way operations with the database-for example, loading the existing database. in the xcf project, or according. the xcf project automatically creates tables in the target database.

The automatically generated data-Layer Code function is more powerful and easy to use. In addition to basic query, addition, deletion, and modification, it also provides transaction support, paging manager, and blob field loading delays, in addition, there are more simple functions, such as batch insertion, getting the values of a single field in a specific record ,. To provide more flexible and efficient database operations when necessary, the generated data-Layer Code also supports relational operations, such as obtaining the idatareader interface and executing the executescalar method.

Using dataentrance static classes can further simplify the use of automatically generated data layer code. For example, you can find the name of the tutor based on the student ID. You can use dataentrance to do this:

String mentorid = dataentrance. getfieldvalue (typeof (student), "001", student. _ mentorid). tostring ();
String thename = dataentrance. getfieldvalue (typeof (MENTOR), mentorid, mentor. _ name). tostring ();

Xcodefactory is now in the 3.0beta version. For more information about the previous version, see: Release. Is the main operation interface of xcodefactory3.0beta:

Download xcodefactory3.0beta log on to: xcodefactory@126.com, password 000000

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