XE6 Mobile Development Environment iOS (3): Configure the virtual machine, set up the MAC installation environment (there is a picture of the truth)

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XE6 Mobile Development Environment iOS (3): Configure the virtual machine, set up the MAC installation environment (there is a picture of the truth) 2014-08-16 11:44

There are few articles on the mobile development environment that can be found on the Delphi XE series online, so this article will try to tell you the answers you want with detailed content and silly expressions.

1. Create a new virtual machine

1. Create a new virtual machine.

2. We decide the parameters of the virtual machine, select the custom configuration, and click ' Continue '.

3. Select version: WorkStation 9.0, click ' Continue '.

4. We create the hard drive ourselves, select ' I will install the operating system later ', click ' Continue '.

5. Select the operating system, here: Apple mac OSX, version: Mac OSX 10.8 64-bit, click ' Continue '.
(Note: This requires the Mac OSX path patch before the choice.) )

6. Enter the name of the virtual machine, where the default is the row, storage location Select the front of our new folder E:\MyVM_MacOSX, click ' Continue '.

7. Select the number of CPUs, most people are 1 CPUs, so here is the choice 1, the core number of people like to see, my CPU 8 cores, here choose 4 Nuclear on the line, click ' Continue '.

8. Allocate memory, fill in the quantity must be a multiple of 4, the bigger the better, this is the reason everyone should understand. My memory is 8G, here to allocate 2G, click ' Continue '.

9. Network configuration, here Select the first, bridging, so that the virtual system is installed intact, and the local network segment (under the router and DHCP opened. ), click ' Continue '.

10. Select the I/O controller, here: LSI logic, click ' Continue '.

11. Select the first item: Create a new virtual disk, as we have selected a blank disk above, click ' Continue '.

12. Select the disk type: SCSI, because the MAC is only supported by AHCI, so you cannot select the IDE here, click ' Continue '.

13. Disk capacity, that is, you allocate to the virtual machine how much disk space, I here hard disk, so the big point, give a 60G, and select: Single File storage virtual disk, click ' Continue '.

14. Generate the disk file name, default on the line, click ' Continue '.

15. Custom hardware, here can enter the customization, can also be completed after the customization, we wait to customize, directly click ' Finish '.

2. Customizing virtual machine Hardware

16. When the above steps are completed, we will return to the main virtual machine window, when we start customizing the hardware, select: Edit the virtual machine settings.

17. After selecting ' CD/DVD ', select ' Use ISO image file ', then navigate to the image of Mac OSX 10.8 which we have previously prepared and converted to the standard ISO format. Click ' Advanced '.

18. In the pop-up CD/DVD Advanced Settings window, select ' SCSI ', select ' SCSI 0:1 ', of course you can choose the other,
As long as it is not "SCSI 0:0" OK, but not the IDE, because the earlier said, Apple Mac only support AHCI, so the IDE is not installed.

19. Select ' USB controller ', because we temporarily do not use Bluetooth, so cancel ' share Bluetooth device with virtual machine ', if you have USB3.0 on the motherboard, select USB3.0 in ' USB compatibility '.

20. Select ' Sound card ', Cancel ' connect when power is on ', because we installed OSX to develop the program, not to experience OSX, so these unnecessary can be canceled.

21. Select ' Display ', tick ' 3D graphics acceleration ', and the render display in the virtual machine is smoother.

Once the above steps are complete, you can click ' OK ' to return to the main virtual machine window.

In the next article, we will be illustrating the installation of Mac OSX 10.8.

Firemonkey Mobile development can add QQ Group: 165232328 (I am not the administrator, just one of the members, this group of experts in groups, looking forward to all of you Delphi enthusiasts to exchange).

XE6 Mobile Development Environment iOS (3): Configure the virtual machine, set up the MAC installation environment (there is a picture of the truth)

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