Xedit 1.0 prototype system based on ink knife for video editing software

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The product is based on ink knife design, running environment iOS, running the platform ipad, the following is the design idea.

There are six modules for login, registration, video, homepage, playback, personal information.

The first is the login and registration module, login into account login and visitor login, account login can save the user's video to the server, and visitors can only save the video to the user local. then go to the home page, this will be our working directory, where we can create new projects and import videos, the top of the home page status bar A total of three buttons, respectively, are video, project and personal information. The video is used to view the video that has been edited, and the item is used to view the established project, and the personal information is used to view the account information. The demo is as follows.

Next I create a new project and import the video, which jumps to our video editing page (see below).

The video editing page is divided into 5 regions.

A: Video presentation of the current time node.

B: The time series that has been processed in the video.

C: A time series that has not yet been processed in the video.

D: Timeline, which splits the video that is not processed and processed.

E: Provides the video clip function.

The software can provide the following video editing functions:

1. Add subtitles. Allows captions to be added anywhere in the video at the current time, and supports subtitle effects.

2. Add background music. Allows you to add background music to any time series (there are two timeline selections).

3. Add a background. Allows you to add a background picture to the current video.

4. Add a filter. Allows you to add filters to the current video.

5. Add Transitions. Allows you to add transitions to split the video.

6. Allow video to be exported. You can export videos to GIF and other formats.

7. In addition, the undo operation allows you to return to the previous action, and the Help button can jump to the help screen, which provides some tutorials on the software.

The following is a demonstration effect.

Next is the video interface. The following screen will appear after selecting any video.

This page provides four features, namely:

1. Play the video, click the video with the mouse to play the video.

2. Edit the video, click the Edit button to jump to the video editing page, you can add subtitles to the video, and so on.

3. Share videos to share your videos with your friends.

4. Delete the video.

Finally, the personal information page, where the user's information is displayed.

The demo results are as follows.

And finally, my prototype system link:

Xedit 1.0 prototype system based on ink knife for video editing software

Ink knife-based video editing software Xedit 1.0 Prototyping system

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