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It is well known that in the earlier version of XenServer (before 6.0), when you start XenServer, you have the option of automatically starting the virtual machine installed in it. This feature was canceled by Citrix in XenServer 6.0 because it interferes with the compatibility of XenServer ha (high availability) and failover (failover) functionality. However, if you are running only one xenserver, this feature is very good.

In XenServer 6.0, automatic startup of virtual machines can still be done. This requires that you turn on the Autostart feature on Pool level and use the command line on the virtual machine that you want to start from.

First, get the UUID of pool

On the console command line, enter the following command and press ENTER:

Xe Pool-list

The results then appear similar to the following:

UUID (RO)        : b99e3b3f-ea7a-9484-4827-87271b4b016b
     name-label (rw): Testpool
  name-description (rw)
       : Master (RO): 74fc086b-8c89-4918-b69e-369fcb19847d
     DEFAULT-SR (RW): bebb142a-d986-acac-d4f4-636de937d28b
Above, "b99e3b3f-ea7a-9484-4827-87271b4b016b" is the UUID of pool

Ii. setting up Pool's self-startup

Copy this UUID, and then enter the following command and press ENTER:

Xe Pool-param-set uuid=b99e3b3f-ea7a-9484-4827-87271b4b016b Other-config:auto_poweron=true

Third, obtain the UUID that needs to be set as a self-booting virtual machine

Take the virtual machine named "W2k08" as an example, enter the following command and press ENTER:


The results appear similar to the following:

UUID (RO)      : 5ac81c4e-3d4c-bd70-355e-d1a1c2d7716d
   Name-label (RW): w2k08
  power-state (RO): Running

From above, the UUID known as the "w2k08" virtual machine is: 5ac81c4e-3d4c-bd70-355e-d1a1c2d7716d


If you want to get the results of the introduction (that is, you only want to output Uud), you can use the following command:

Xe vm-list name-label= "w2k08" Params=uuid--minimal

Iv. setting up the virtual machine self-starter

Copy the virtual machine's UUID from the output in the "three" above, enter the following command, and press ENTER:

Xe Vm-param-set uuid=5ac81c4e-3d4c-bd70-355e-d1a1c2d7716d Other-config:auto_poweron=true

After 4 steps, it completes the XenServer setting of the virtual machine in the 6.0.


The above is the XenServer virtual machine set Automatic Start method, hope this article content to everybody study or use xenserver can have certain help, if have the question everybody can message exchange.

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