Xi ' An power state intelligent medical & Wearable Device Salon-1th issue---Apple HealthKit, Google Googlefit attack, intelligent medical care to explode?

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"Wearable" has become a 2014 industry hotspot, from Google Glass to Apple iwatch, more and more companies have introduced a variety of wearable devices, including glasses, wristbands, shoes and so on, "wearable" gradually from the sci-fi film into the reality. Despite the broad market outlook, it is still challenging to develop, design or market before it really erupts.

Apple recently launched the HealthKit service, Samsung launched a similar function Sami, Google at the Google I/O developers Conference launched health data Integration Services Google Fit, the Giants are moving. We cannot help but ask: is smart healthcare the first flashpoint for wearable devices?

Hot Topics:

1, the future of Smart bracelet

In the case of wearable devices, smart bracelet has always been treated as a ball-edge. Whether it is in the popularization or experience, are still far from mature, compared to smart watches and smart glasses technology to disguise the appearance of the smart bracelet in the future exactly where?

2. Application and development of electronic health in medical industry

There is a growing demand for community health monitoring, and how to seize market opportunities.

What are the options for health monitoring for the elderly and children, and for the health surveillance of pregnant women?

3, facing the intelligent medical market, as a start-up company, how do you want to play?

How do you plan to treat the smart healthcare market as a start-up company?

2014 What are the trends in the smart healthcare market?

Guidance Unit: International Association for Internet of Things, smart Home Society of Asia-Pacific, National Intelligent Commission of Housing and Construction

Organizer: XI ' an power state financial investment group incubation company, China Internet of Things Industry Association

Organizer: IoT think tank

Support units: Wisdom Valley Group, Beijing North Soft Hui Zhi Investment Management Co., Ltd., IC Coffee, Jing Network Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Federation of Industrial and Commercial associations, China Embedded Systems Industry Alliance, China Software Industry association Embedded System Branch, Beijing Ceramic Chamber of Commerce

Support Media: Xinhua Information Channel, the Internet of things headlines, components trading network, sensor IoT, China Industrial network , embedded Internet of things, odd flute network

Guest sharing:

Berswil, secretary General of China Internet of Things Industry association

Xi ' an power state financial investment Group Incubation company President Qin Yun

Wang, managing director, Beijing North Soft-wise Investment Management Co., Ltd.

CEO of Cai Jie Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Aha, vice president of Beijing Rui Zhi and Kang Technology Co., Ltd.

Xian Entrepreneur Project 3-5

(Guests are tentatively invited to participate in the meeting, and strive to contact more XI ' an enterprises. The theme of the lecture is adjusted according to actual situation

Salon Time:

(tentative) July 26 pm 14:00--17:00

Ground Point:

Xi ' An hi-tech zone no. 18th High-Tech 2 road, power state art port

Number of applicants:

Around 40 people

Visitors are invited to come from the Internet of Things Association enterprises, intelligent Medical related enterprises, wearable devices related enterprises, participated in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition key enterprises, as well as IC Coffee wearable AC circle.

Registration method

How to enroll in the Salon (audience):

reply name work unit title Phone mail to [email protected]

Welcome to the start-up team recommended, to participate in this salon.

Participate in salon presentations, attend lectures, participate in prestigious investment institutions, and welcome entrepreneurs with good projects to enroll

reply name work unit title Phone mail speech topic PPT and personal Introduction to [email protected]

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