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When Xi first came into contact with JavaScript,

My friend asked: what have you done recently?

I replied: I learned the Java scripting language.

For this reason, I have been sweating ......


As a matter of fact, JavaScript and Java are not built at all. Later I saw a book and realized that JavaScript is prefixed with "Java-", which is completely a marketing strategy and deliberately creates a confusion, it also confused me, so I was ignorant to make a joke about "Learning Java scripting language.


Although JavaScript and Java are completely irrelevant, in fact they are sometimes good partners. Javascript can control the behavior and content of the browser, but cannot draw and execute connections (not absolutely, it can be done through simulation ).

Although Java cannot control browsers in general, it can draw, execute connections, and multithreading.

In this way, the client's javascript can interact with the Java Applet embedded in the web page, and be able to execute control over it. In this sense, JavaScript can actually be scripted into Java.

(The above two sentences are mentioned in the book. As to whether the statements are accurate, Xi has not verified them)


Of course, if Xixi only uses JavaScript for some special effects such as mouse-following, it is obviously a huge small JavaScript. Here, XiXi combines JavaScript with C. Front-end and back-end.


So what should JavaScript do?

We should use it only when needed, instead of a lot of copy and paste. Unless you are dressing up the QQ space ~

JavaScript does not cater to search engines, so it does not conform to Seo. For the reason, please refer to the SEO tutorial.

For programmers, it is generally unable to meet the requirements in the background. For example, JavaScript is particularly applicable when some operations do not need to go through the server every time. Of course, the background can be implemented, but every time the page is refreshed after the server, the customer can only say nothing: Sorry, the network speed is not enough, there are so many web pages, why look at you ~

Many senior JavaScript programmers occasionally have to make a decision for their own negligence, so that the entire project team can struggle for a while in the "script quagmire. Therefore, misuse of JavaScript will bring tears.

However, in this case, JavaScript is still widely used in the Web application field.

The page beautification capability of JavaScript is indeed incomparable. Its front-end simplification capability is also quite effective.

Xixi searched for a lot of JavaScript tutorials on the Internet to learn, and the online tutorials were rampant! Xixi screened his own e-books here, some of which are better to share with you.


For beginners,


This CHM e-book is the most suitable, as long as you have a little basic C language to quickly get started, the most important part of the tutorial is the content, followed by the reading experience, this book is definitely the first recommendation.

As a supplement, choose this one.

Microsoft official JavaScript reference tutorial

The two books can be combined, mainly W3C books.

If you want a pdf version, we recommend that you:

Easily learn JavaScript programming. PDF


Return of the Javascript king. PDF

Manual on Webpage special effects:

ASP Webpage special effect (CHM)

Programmers often use 1000 JavaScript special effects. CHM

These two books are almost enough. The key is to use them.

For more information, see the following:

Understanding Javascript

As a review and more in-depth understanding.


With the above seven books, it takes about ten days and a half months. Books are not many, but applicable. Many other books have nothing to do with, or they are photocopies. I believe that, like Xixi, even if you download it, it takes up some hard disk, and most of them won't go back for the second time. The above seven books are strongly recommended by Xi,A set of JavaScript tutorials for beginners.


For the book "The essence of JavaScript language and programming practices", Xi believes that it is not a learning manual, it is more like a paper, its author is likely to be specialized in academic, for beginners, I will not share the link here.


I hope you will like XiXi. Reprinted please indicate the source: http://www.cnblogs.com/c51port/archive/2011/03/27/1997266.html



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