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---- (Academic search map, http://academic.research.microsoft.com/AcademicMap)

1, scroll around and show org, most recent publication, etc. Automatically:

Scenario. Just after lunch one day, he opened the academic map and stared at the screen for five seconds. Then, he was surprised to find that the map was actually moving, one by one, the latest publications of famous institutions are displayed on the map. This is a magic map. James was not sleepy in an instant. He found that he was looking for papers he was interested in the new world. If he found that he liked the paper, he went in and checked it out. When the map was transferred to the North American continent, he was deeply impressed by a place, Stanford unversity. on the map, this school is on the west coast of California. James heard that the sunny west coast of California is rich in "Mineral" Magnesium and aluminum, and there is a well-known Silicon Valley next to it, if you want to study hard, you can consider this school.


2, change the order authors are displayed in, by either publications or citations.

Scenario: When James clicks a school on academic map, a circle of teachers will appear. There is a box on the right, with two options: Order author by citation and by publication.

James knows that some teachers pay great attention to the quality of their papers, which is several times the number of papers published, while some teachers have several times the number of papers published. James hopes to find a teacher with a relatively high application rate as a mentor through this comparison.

Improvement Proposal: James thinks that the selection box on the right is a little abrupt and can be combined with other selection boxes to make it more beautiful.


3, show user's current location. when user views the map, get the IP, and get the area of the IP, then automatically zoom in and center to the users area (city level)

Scenario: Xiao Bai is an ordinary online user and a junior college student. He opened the academic map to see what fun things he could try. He found a square button in the zoom bar and clicked it to show his position. He was very happy. He clicked it and found his academic institution nearby.


4. Support "back" button and users can view history of selected Orgs.

Scenario: James is comparing the geographical location and academic level of some schools and scientific research institutions. After reading many schools and institutions, he is very interested in one of the schools/institutions he saw earlier, I just forgot my name and was very upset. Then I found that the academic map had a "back" button, so I was very happy to click this button to roll back the search results, finally, I found the school/institution I was interested in.

Suggestions for improvement: the "back" button can be larger and more eye-catching for your convenience.


5. Add a slide bar on the right bottom to change the number of OrgS/conferences that can be seen on the map.

Scenario: When I tried to use a fresh academic map, I found that when I enlarged the map, some cities would be covered by small circles of red, yellow, blue, and green, it is a bit "dense fear" and "annoying", especially in Beijing. It was accidentally discovered that academic map provided a slide that could slide up and down to change the number of schools/institutions in the map. Xiao Bai slipped the slide to the minimum, and he felt that Beijing was a lot better.

Suggestion: This slide bar can be placed at the bottom. On the one hand, it is conspicuous, and on the other hand it won't make the slide appear abrupt. In the way, because users usually drag the map left and right, and rarely drag up or down the map.

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