Teamed up with Nokia, in the end who will be the biggest beneficiary?

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Mention of Nokia, always let people have the feeling of Kate, after all, its manufacturing phone is a memory of many people. And fade out of the public vision of many of Nokia has been in the recent strong brush the heat, smart-hit Nokia 6, feature mobile phone Nokia 3310 is hot. In recent days, Nokia is the domestic handset manufacturers upstart , the relationship, mercilessly in many social, media platform brush screen.

The exposure of the news, and Nokia's joint effort is more in the patent level, and is based on millet. But in fact, perhaps not just , the partnership may also be a key node in Nokia's revival path. Perhaps, now both are secretly covering their mouths and giggling.

Strengthens the patented layout sword refers to the global market

The and Nokia are signing a business cooperation agreement and a multi-year patent license agreement that includes cross-licensing for certain necessary patents. This may mean that Nokia can use patents in mobile phone design and manufacturing, while can use Nokia's patents in the areas of communications, the Internet of Things, and VR. In addition, the deal includes  acquisition of some of Nokia's patented assets. It is reported that the two sides will also explore the IoT, VR, AR and AI cooperation possibilities.

Although Nokia does not have much to do with smart devices, it is still the world's top communications solutions company, with a core patent for basic communications in its hands. And in recent years, Nokia in AI, Lot, vr/ar and other aspects also have significant results, great influence. cooperation with it strengthens its own layout at the patent level, and strengthens the shallow foundation quickly.

For, which aims to be a global market, it can significantly reduce the constraints on patent vacancy by reinforcing it at the patent level. Similar incidents in the Indian market, such as the accused and banned, may not happen again. At that time, millet can also enter into the European and American markets, expand their territory.

Nokia patches its own short board with Smart terminal market

For Nokia, it is already known for its renewed efforts to make the smart end market a more wild-looking one. To this end, Nokia granted the HMD brand and patent rights last year, allowing Nokia to return to the handset market. HMD has become the new helm of Nokia mobile phones, responsible for the future production and sales of Nokia mobile phones. But judging from the various movements of the HMD, it seems that there is not enough preparation.

The Nokia 6, which was released at the end of February this year, has a good shape and texture, but the Qualcomm Snapdragon Dragon 430 processor has become its largest short board. Although it has sparked a wave of nostalgia, it is clearly not going to be the main sales force. As for its launch of the function machine 3310, but also just a tribute to the classic, destined to be just a small toy. To really get a foothold in the smart-terminal market, Nokia must give a real big move.

While the collaboration between Nokia and  is focused on the patent level, the fact is that there may be further cooperation. According to the material, Nokia mobile phones are expected to use MIUI9 system. For domestic consumers, the MIUI system fits well with their usage habits. If Nokia can really use the MIUI system, it can save a lot of time to develop customized systems and quickly cut into the domestic market. In addition, there is a burst of material said that Nokia's new confidential equipped with surging S1S1 processor. Although this rumor is not necessarily true, it also shows how much Nokia cares about the Chinese market.

After patching up the short board in the system, the processor and so on, Nokia can save a lot of time, capital, and fully exert the intelligent terminal market. For Nokia, it is the most labor-saving and most cost-effective thing.

Smart phone industry "big weather"? Maybe there's something big going on.

Perhaps before, no one could imagine that and Nokia could mix together. But the vagaries of the market are uncertain, and for the benefit there may be alliances, betrayal, and wars--the best example is the rip of apples and Qualcomm. As the smartphone industry steps into the bottleneck period, from the incremental market to the stock market, there will be more unexpected things happening in the future.

It also means that the smartphone industry is likely to "make a big makeover". Cross-sectoral, trans-regional, cross-country cooperation will be more and more, there are more bloody tear X-war staged. However, the smart phone industry again how lively, for the vast number of consumers, only need to choose the right model for themselves. As for the smartphone makers who can benefit, it is their own business. (new discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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Teamed up with Nokia, in the end who will be the biggest beneficiary?

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