Xmanager Enterprise 4 Instructions for use

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Xmanager Enterprise 4 Instructions for use

Installing the Xmanager Enterprise 4 procedure is simple and the next step is complete.

Xbrowser uses the XDCMP protocol to remotely connect to LINUX,XFTP using the SSH protocol to transfer files to a Linux server through a graphical desktop, Xshell the SSH Terminal protocol to connect to Linux for character interface management, xstart through Xstart Sample graphical interface connected to Linux

Xbrowser Service Configuration

Edit the configuration file vi/etc/gdm/custom.conf as shown below


Allowremoteroot=true #允许root登陆


Enable=true #开启xdcmp服务

port=177 #指定服务端口

Also need to adjust the boot level

Vi/etc/inittab change the default boot level to 5, which is the default starting from the graphical interface

Then restart the server

Init 6

Login to verify if service is turned on after reboot

Lsof-i: 177

Login using Xbrowser

There's also an easy way to set up Xbrowser

Enter Gdmsetup directly at the command line

Select Same as Local in remote

Turn on Login

Turn on remote administrator login permissions for local Administrators

Finally restart the desktop with Gdm-restart

Xftp use (directly to the Linux server to transfer files, with the help of SSH protocol, no need to open the Linux Server FTP service)

Select new--Enter the IP address in host, protocol select SFTP

Select the window to connect to the user name and password, enter the user name and password

Login Success Screen

Easy to upload and download files, select the files you want to upload and download, then right-click on "Transfer"

Xshell use


Xstart (can also be connected to the graphical interface of Linux)

Double section Xstart icon, enter session name

Select Gnome in command

Then select Run, enter your user name and password to

Note: There is a bad place to use Xstart, that is, every open window is opened a new connection, and when closed, you must open the process to force the process of the program to close, so it is not recommended.

Xmanager Enterprise 4 Instructions for use

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