XML file parsing on the fourth day of Android Development

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1. Sax Method

/*** Use the SAX Parser */public class saxparse {/*** SAX Parser */private saxparser parser; Public saxparse () {try {saxparserfactory F = saxparserfactory. newinstance (); parser = f. newsaxparser ();} catch (parserconfigurationexception e) {e. printstacktrace ();} catch (exception e) {e. printstacktrace () ;}} public list <person> doparse (inputstream is) {try {xmlhandler H = new xmlhandler (); parser. parse (is, H); Return H. getpersons ();} catch (exception e) {e. printstacktrace ();} return NULL;}/*** processor */class xmlhandler extends defaulthandler {list <person> Persons = NULL; person = NULL; // The current element name is Private string currelename;/*** this method is triggered by a text node */Public void characters (char [] CH, int start, int length) throws saxexception {string STR = new string (CH, start, length); // name if ("name ". equals (currelename) {person. name = STR;} else if ("age ". equals (currelename) {person. age = integer. parseint (STR) ;}} public void enddocument () throws saxexception {}/ *** element end */Public void endelement (string Uri, string localname, string QNAME) throws saxexception {If ("person ". equals (localname) {persons. add (person);} // set the current element to else if ("name ". equals (currelename) | ("age ". equals (currelename) {This. currelename = "" ;}}/*** document start event */Public void startdocument () throws saxexception {persons = new arraylist <person> ();} /*** element start event * localname: local place name * URI: namespace * QNAME: qualified name, prefix + local place name */Public void startelement (string Uri, string localname, string QNAME, attributes) throws saxexception {// instantiate the person object if ("person ". equals (localname) {person = new person (); person. id = integer. parseint (attributes. getvalue (0);} // name element else if ("name ". equals (localname) {This. currelename = "name";} // name element else if ("age ". equals (localname) {This. currelename = "Age" ;}} public list <person> getpersons () {return persons ;}}}

2. Dom Mode

/*** Dom parsing */public class domparse {// Private documentbuilder builder; Public domparse () {try {documentbuilderfactory F = documentbuilderfactory. newinstance (); this. builder = f. newdocumentbuilder ();} catch (exception e) {e. printstacktrace () ;}} public list <person> doparse (inputstream is) {list <person> Persons = new arraylist <person> (); person = NULL; try {document DOC = builder. parse (is); nodelist list = Doc. getelementsbytagname ("person"); element ele = NULL; For (INT I = 0; I <list. getlength (); I ++) {ele = (element) list. item (I); person = new person (); person. id = integer. parseint (Ele. getattribute ("ID"); person. name = getsubelementtextcontent (Ele, "name"); person. age = integer. parseint (getsubelementtextcontent (Ele, "Age"); persons. add (person) ;}} catch (exception e) {e. printstacktrace ();} return persons;}/*** get the text content in the middle of the specified resource */private string getsubelementtextcontent (element ele, string tagname) {nodelist list = ELE. getelementsbytagname (tagname); Element E = (element) list. item (0); // obtain the intermediate text node Return e. gettextcontent ();}}

3. Pull Mode

/*** Pull resolution, pull mode, you can manually control whether the next event is triggered. */public class pullparse {public list <person> doparse (inputstream is) {list <person> Persons = NULL; person = NULL; try {xmlpullparser parser = xml. newpullparser (); // sets the parsing data source parser. setinput (is, "UTF-8"); // retrieves the event type int eventtype = parser. geteventtype (); string elename = NULL; while (eventtype! = Xmlpullparser. end_document) {Switch (eventtype) {// The document starts case xmlpullparser. start_document: Persons = new arraylist <person> (); break; // element start case xmlpullparser. start_tag: elename = parser. getname (); If ("person ". equals (elename) {person = new person (); person. id = integer. parseint (parser. getattributevalue (0);} else if ("name ". equals (elename) {person. name = parser. nexttext ();} else if ("age ". equals (elename) {person. age = integer. parseint (parser. nexttext ();} break; // mark the end case xmlpullparser. end_tag: elename = parser. getname (); If ("person ". equals (elename) {persons. add (person) ;}break ;}// manually activate the trigger eventtype = Parser for the next event. next () ;}} catch (exception e) {e. printstacktrace ();} return persons ;}}

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