XML for PHP developer part 1th: PHP XML Development 15-minute quick Start

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Keywords XML for PHP developer part 1th: PHP XML Development 15-minute quick Start
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Brief introduction

Today's application development environment is hard to ignore the importance of XML, which is getting closer to standardization. If XML has never been processed in PHP (standardization is getting closer), or if you are not in touch with PHP5, this Getting Started Guide to PHP5 new XML (standardization is getting closer) can tell you how easy it is to work with XML (standardization is getting closer). This article series is divided into three parts, this is the first part, mainly introduces the ability to quickly get started API, through an example of simple, predictable and relatively small XML (standardization is getting closer) document, using Simplexml (standardization is getting closer), when necessary to combine the DOM, is an ideal way. These are exactly those documents that are passed in the Ajax (Dynamic Web site static) application, such as the content of the submission form or the response of the WEB Service Application Programming Interface (API) such as weather.com.

The basics of XML (standardization getting closer)

Having an initial understanding of XML (standardization getting closer) can help you understand the importance of XML (standardization getting closer) to PHP developers, understand and create simple XML (standardization is getting closer) document.

About XML (standardization getting closer)

Extensible Markup Language (which is getting closer to standardization) is known as markup language and text-based data storage format, which depends on who. It is a subset of standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) that applies and describes the tree structure of information in textual ways. XML (standardization is getting closer) is the basis of many languages/formats, such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Mozilla XML (standardization is getting closer) User Interface Language (XUL), Macrome Dia's Maximum eXperience Markup Language (Mxml (standardization is getting closer)), Microsoft Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), and open source generation Code of Java XML (standardization is getting closer) UI Markup Language (XAMJ). Since XML (standardization is getting closer) exists everywhere, it is really important. Everyone wants to keep up with the trend of XML (standardization is getting closer).

Writing XML (standardization getting closer)

The basic unit of data in which XML (normalization is getting closer) is the element. Elements use starting tags, such as and closing tags, such as separating. There must be a closing tag for the start tag. If the end tag is missing, the XML (normalization is getting closer) the document is not well structured and the parser cannot parse the document correctly. The name of the tag usually reflects the type of content that the element contains. It can be assumed that the book element should contain the title of the books, such as Great American novel (shown in Listing 1). The content between tags, including whitespace, is called character data.

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