XP connection VPN error prompt: VPN connection error 789: L2TP connection attempt failed, because the security layer encountered a processing error during initialization and remote computer negotiation.

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What is VPN?

The full name of VPN is "Virtual Private Network", which is translated as "Virtual Private Network ". VPN is defined as a temporary and secure connection through a public network (usually the internet). It is a secure and stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. Using this tunnel can encrypt data several times to ensure secure Internet use. A Virtual Private Network is an extension of the enterprise intranet. The virtual private network can help remote users, company branches, business partners and suppliers to establish trusted and secure connections with the company's intranet, it is used to economically and effectively connect commercial partners and users to a secure, out-of-network virtual private network. VPN mainly uses tunnel technology, encryption and decryption technology, key management technology and user and device identity authentication technology.

The above section is too professional and may be difficult for many children to understand. In fact, you don't need to understand it. You will know that VPN is a virtual private network, which is different from the network you use on the Internet, the network used for Internet access is public, and everyone is using this network, while VPN is a dedicated network. Through various encryption technologies, when you use this private network to access the Internet, it is equivalent to a dedicated network space, so it is safer, more professional, and more free.

What is the use of VPN?

Since VPN private networks are safer, more professional, and more free, the purpose of VPN is self-evident. I will not talk about commercial purposes. I will talk about the use of VPN for common Internet users.

What should you do when you really want to access a foreign website that is blocked by GFW? Some people may say that there are some free online proxy services on the Internet through proxy. You can try it. Yes, I did the same before, but the free online proxy has great limitations. For example, the website can be opened slowly, there are too many web advertisements, and the key web pages cannot be opened (LOGIN pages and comment pages). The free online proxy can only be used for temporary Website access, free Online proxy is far from enough to provide regular and persistent access. However, if you have a VPN, everything will not be so complicated. After you connect to the VPN, foreign websites will allow you to access it. The speed is fast, there is no advertisement, and there is no restriction, you can freely open Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other websites.

If you are playing an online game, you must know that a game is located in different regions and will have corresponding Servers. When selecting a server, we often choose the server in our own region, the reason is that the server in your region is certainly the fastest for you. However, sometimes a game does not have servers in its own region. This is common for foreign online games, or for some reason, we want to go to servers in other regions. At this time, if we only access the Internet on our own, the connection speed is far below the requirement. If we have a VPN, we can easily connect to the server we want to go to, beat monsters, and earn gold coins. In other words, the speed is quite powerful.

If you use a ticket, or click your own advertisement to cheat, you must know the usefulness of IP address replacement, because an IP address can only vote for one vote a day, if an IP address is found to be cheating or even blocked after multiple clicks on an advertisement, the IP address is far from our requirement. If we have a multi-server VPN, we can switch the IP address at will, vote multiple times, and click the advertisement multiple times. Naturally, this is just the case. In addition, it is also necessary to change the IP address to protect your real network information.


Error message about xp vpn connection:VPN connection error 789: L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error during initialization and remote computer negotiation.

If this problem occurs, it should be because the system has a problem. Test it according to this method ~ 1. click Start, click Run, type regedit, and click OK. find the following registry subitem and click it: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ RasMan \ parameters3. on the "edit" menu, click "new"> "DWORD Value" 4. in the "name" box, type "prohibitipsec" 5. in the value data box, type "1" and click "OK" 6. exit Registry Editor and restart the computer 

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