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Common Windows XP has two versions, professional and home editions. These two versions are largely the same, but in terms of detail, the Professional version has more functionality than the home version. For example, the Professional version of XP supports dual CPU, multi-language, join domain, EFS file encryption, and IIS (Internet information Services). But friends with Windows XP Home Edition will regret that the system platform does not have the IIS Component installation option or the PWS (Personal Web server), so it is not possible to build a Web server to learn to debug ASP Dynamic Web pages. But thankfully, foreign experts have figured out a solution that would allow IIS to settle into the WinXP family version.

The solution is to edit the Windows Component configuration file, restore the IIS installation in the Windows component, and then add IIS in the normal way, and the detailed steps include:

1, in the X:\Windows\inf directory (x for Windows XP letter) under the Open installation information file Sysoc.inf,

Locate the iis=iis.dll,ocentry,iis.inf,hide,7 line in the [Components] area.

As you can see, the WinXP Home Edition hides the IIS component installation option, so change the information to

iis=iis.dll,ocentry,iis2.inf,,7, save exit.

2. Iis.dl_ and iis.if_ Two files can be found in the Windows 2000 installation disc (Professional, server, Advanced Server version) and copied to a directory on your hard disk (such as C:\). Open the command Prompt in the Start menu and use the expand command to unlock Iis.dl_ and iis.if_, in the form of:

Expand C:\iis.dl_ C:\iis2.dll

Expand C:\iis.in_ C:\iis2.inf

When finished, the Iis2.dll and Iis2.inf two new files are generated in the C disk directory.

3. Finally, Iis2.dll and iis2.inf two files are copied into the X:\Windows\inf and X:\Windows\system32\Setup system directory respectively.

Now, by clicking Add/Remove Windows components in Add/Remove Programs, you'll be thrilled to find that the Long-lost Internet Information Service (IIS) is coming back! Install IIS. However, it is important to note that when you step out of locating related files during the installation, point to the I386 directory under the Windows 2000 installation CD.

Well, then, please note that IIS installed in the Windows XP Home Edition, the Professional Edition, and the number of concurrent connections are limited to 10, so it is recommended that you want to build a Web server with IIS to learn the ASP's friends, preferably the Windows Advanced Server System platform.

After installing IIS under Windows XP, only one site is supported, and there is no site management, and only 10 concurrent connections can be established. In short, XP's home and professional versions, after all, are workstation operating systems rather than server platforms. If you like toys, then do it with XP.

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