Xp printer sharing settings tutorial, xp printer sharing tutorial

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Xp printer sharing settings tutorial, xp printer sharing tutorial

Enterprises cannot do without networks or computers and printers. Generally, a company only has one or two printers. It is impossible for every computer to have a printer installed. This will make printing inconvenient, if you want to print a document without a printer computer, you need to use a USB flash drive or use QQ to upload it to a computer with a printer installed. this is inconvenient, in this case, you can share the LAN printer settings. After the settings are complete, every computer in the company can use the print function. How can I configure printer sharing? For details, see the graphic tutorial of the following XP system and win7 system:

How to Set Up printer sharing in Windows XP if there are two computers in the company's LAN or multiple computers, it is necessary to share the printer, please confirm before sharing the print, the user's computer and user's computer are in the same LAN, and the LAN is smooth, and the operating system should be the same. Follow these steps:

1. Share the printer with a computer with a printer 1. First, check that the computer connected to the printer is in the starting state and that the printer driver has been installed, in addition, the driver can be printed normally, which is not described here. (The two computers used in this operation are all Windows XP Professional operating systems) 2. The actual operation of the shared printer. The following uses the Canon PIXMA MP145 all-in-one (one of the Canon MP 140 series) as an example to describe that this is an all-in-one machine that does not have network functions. However, after a computer is connected, then, you can make corresponding settings to achieve shared printing. ① Perform the following operations on a computer with a printer: Enter start ---- directly find the printer and fax, and directly enter, such:

If no printer or fax entry is found in the Start Menu, go to start -- Settings> Control Panel. ② Go to the printer and fax center, as shown in:

Printer and fax center share printer settings

Click share on the printer and enter the following printer sharing interface.

Set the name of the shared printer

As shown in, click "share this printer", start a sharing name "lichaoMP140", and click "OK". Then we will return to the printer and fax center, as shown in:

Printer sharing settings complete

We can see that there is an additional drag icon on the printer icon, which indicates that our printer sharing settings have been successful. In this case, we have basically set up half of the printer sharing usage. Next we will do how to find the printer on another computer in the LAN and use the shared printer.

2. How do other computers in the LAN find the shared printer and use other computers in the LAN to view the printer that was just set up for sharing? The most primitive method we all know is to go to the network neighborhood-view the entire network working group and find a shared printer. Here we do not recommend the above method for finding a printer, WwW. nongcuen. CoM here to teach you how to quickly find a printer going out of the common Lane. The specific method is as follows: ① return to the computer with a printer. What we need is the IP address of the computer with the printer. The method to obtain the IP address is as follows: how do I obtain the IP address of the computer connected to the printer? I use my computer as an example to demonstrate how to obtain the IP address of a computer. In a computer with a printer, start -- run, enter "cmd press ENTER" during running, press enter, and enter "ipconfig" in the pop-up interface. Then, press Enter, the first line is the IP address of this computer. For example:

At this time, we must use the IP address obtained from the residence notes. For example, is the IP address that owns the printer computer. ② With the IP address of the computer where the printer is located, we can easily find the shared printer on a computer in another lan. The specific operation is as follows. Find the shared printer on a computer in another LAN and use it as follows: ① everything starts from "start", click "start-run", and the pop-up is as follows:

② In the run dialog box, enter the IP address of the computer connecting to the printing device in the LAN, \ ". For example:

Then press confirm in to find the Shared Server printer, for example:

Now, we can test and print the printer on this computer. During the test, we can select a shared printer, for example:

Finally, the Shared printing effect is achieved through remote control:

After setting up printer sharing, the tutorial on how to set up printer sharing is basically over. In fact, there are not many steps, but we will write more details here, the above is some operation guide for achieving shared printing in the LAN. If you want to set up printer sharing in the future, you can refer to the above tutorial and I believe there will be some gains. In addition, it is best to install the printer on a computer with a high configuration, in this way, the printer runs easily. Next, we will continue to introduce how to set up printer sharing in win7.


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