XP system cannot print prompts "one document to print" What to do?

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XP system cannot print prompts "one document to print" What to do?

In day-to-day office, we often encounter the need to use the printer to print documents. However, some XP system user feedback in the printing operation, send a print task, but can not print, but also prompts "a document to be printed, because the administrator", this should do? The following small series to analyze the specific solution!

Phenomenon Analysis:

Printer is not working, printer driver is not correct, printer and computer are not connected are possible.

1, when the printer appears "a document to print, because the administrator", first to see whether the current printer selection is correct, choose another printer to print when this problem occurs. Choose which printer you want to connect to.

2, the second view of the state of the printer, the right remedy.

3, or did not resolve, restart the printer. Sometimes there are too many people with a program error.

4. Lack of paper. This is a significant hidden cause of this problem. Check to see if there is any paper in the printer tray, note here the HP Printer HP5200 model A3 and A4 cartons are not in one place, such as drawing paper into a specified area.

5, sensor failure. This is mainly due to too much dust, cleaning with a rag, while tapping the paper mouth (sensor location).

6. Remove the printer from the printers and devices in the XP system and add the printer again.

7, use the driver software to update or upgrade the printer driver.

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